What’s New in Meribel?

29th October 2015

Nestled at the heart of the 3 Valleys, Meribel is the ultimate magnet for winter sports lovers from across Europe and beyond. Once again, visitors have been pouring into the region throughout the summer months for a taste of green and pleasant mountain living at its finest. But now as the summer sun has said its goodbyes and there’s that unmistakable nip in the air, it’s time for Meribel to get back to business doing what it does best – serving up world-class winter sports hedonism!

New for 2015/2016

VIP Slope Access

For a taste of the VIP lifestyle without the usual OTT price tag, look no further than the unashamedly luxurious Combes chairlift. A far cry from the norm, this gorgeous piece of modern engineering whisks up to six guests at any one time to the most amazing spots across the 3 Valleys, all in the lap of real luxury and refinement. Sure, it’s only a means of getting from one place to the next, but while you’re on holiday you might as well revel in a bit of indulgence, right?

Sublime Sledging

Let’s be honest – you never too old to park your rear-end on a sledge and go hell-for-leather down a slope, with no regard for the fact that steering and brakes are concepts foreign to the whole idea. As such, you might be pleased to hear that Meribel is serving up one of the most sublime sledging experiences this season right at the heart of the resort, which is not only suitable for adults and kids alike but also won’t cost you a penny!

Yeti Park and Magic Area

For newcomers experiencing the thrill of skiing for the very first time, the incredible Yeti Park in the centre of the resort has once again been revamped and upgraded for the new season. For kids and adults alike, the park has been designed to offer a fantastically safe, secure and welcoming environment in which to pick up the basics far away from the more experienced skiers blasting down the slopes. Packed with a variety of entertaining activities and attractions for adults and kids of all ages, there’s really no better introduction to the exciting world of winter sports.

Superb Safety and Security

Personal safety and security have once again taken a step forward for the 2015/2016 season, with the introduction of additional security patrols, the installation of brand-new MS BAR locking chairlift safety bar technology and the amazing Magnestick Kid gadget, which with the addition of a rented safety gilet actually pins kids into the chairlifts using magnets…awesome stuff!

Wondrous Wi-Fi

Once again, the provision of free Wi-Fi has been extended quite enormously across Meribel and the 3 Valleys in general. Now available at practically every lift station, café, bar and rest stop you’ll encounter, you’ll also find Wi-Fi spots at some of the most breathtaking viewpoints across the region. Suffice to say, it’s pure selfie-heaven…if you’re into that sort of thing!

Discover The Altai Dragon Trail

Family fun at its absolute finest, the new Altai Dragon trail looks set to be one of the most popular new attractions in Méribel this coming season. Not only is the piste itself pretty gorgeous, but kids of all ages (and a few parents too) will revel in the opportunity to find the life-sized dragons hidden along the way. Add into the mix a gloriously tranquil picnic spot in the forest and you know you’re in for good times!

Animal Antics

Another guaranteed hit with families is the new Animal Piste, which carves a path through the forest and introduces the kids to a wide variety of interesting and entertaining facts along the way. Learn how to identify the tracks you might just see in the snow, listen to the calls of the creatures and generally soak up the sights and sounds of the local wildlife community!

Say Cheese!

Take your selfies a bold step further by giving yourself a good preening and heading to the top of the Olympic chairlift. Here’s where you’ll find a spot with the most incredible of backdrops, where you’ll have the opportunity to strike the pose of your choosing, give the world your biggest grin and have your photo taken and shared on the Internet. After all, what could be better than showing-off to the folks stuck at work back home?

Up For a Challenge?

If you’re the type that simply cannot say no to a challenge, why not get your group involved in a fast-paced parallel slalom race at the Altiport? Not only will winning bring you the most amazing bragging rights here, but every slalom is also recorded in full – you’ll be able to take your proud victory home with you and share it with anyone willing to watch it!

Prizes for Pictures

Last but not least, don’t pass up any opportunity to take a gorgeous snap of your fabulous frolics on the slopes – the Facebook Meribel Photo Contest will be running from the very beginning of the season. Simply share your loveliness with the world and you could be in line for a series of fantastic prizes!

Photo source:©Meribel Alpina

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