Top 5 Luxury Carry-On Bags

20th June 2016

Luxury Carry-On Bags

There’s something decidedly unglamorous about lugging your carry-on bags onto the plane and fighting to cram them in the overhead compartments. But given the way most airlines operate these days, it’s a necessary evil to bear on the way to your chosen luxury ski chalets in Meribel Village.

Which in turn means that if you’re to carry-on, you might as well carry-on in style. The good news being that there are so many outstanding designers turning their attention to luxury carry-on bags these days that you might just find yourself spoilt for choice.

So if heading out to spend a few days in your favourite luxury Three Valleys chalets this season, consider treating yourself to one of the following:

Rimowa Bossa Nova Cabin Multi-wheel

Boasting no less than 150 years of experience in designing outstanding luggage, Rimowa has once again come up with nothing short of a masterpiece. Crafted mostly from polycarbonate and with a few unmistakable signature touches, the Bossa Nova Cabin Multiwheel presents the kind of creamy quilting and luxurious leather you’d usually expect to see on the interior of a sports car.  The inside of these luxury carry-on bags has been intelligently designed to maximise available space, more than adequate protections provided for its contents and there are plenty of additional Rimowa Bossa Nova products with which the case can be coordinated.

Ebby Rane Quartermaster Cargo

For those who consider themselves to be impeccably organised perfectionists, the Carry All 10 from the Ebby Rane Quartermaster Cargo range is just about as good as it gets. Though only on the market for about three years now, this is a brand that has developed an extraordinary following worldwide. What’s great about this unique 10-element packing system is that everything has its place. It includes a cosmetics case, shoe sleeves, vanity case, dust cover, jewelry case, liquids case, beach bag, technology case, laundry bag and so much more.

TUMI Tegra-Lite 

Simplicity and elegance brought together in perfect harmony, the TUMI Tegra-Lite is all about convenience and performance on a much higher level.  Everything has been kept as simple and understated as possible, while the case is engineered using the same material used in the production of NASCAR racing cars – known as Tegris. These luxury carry-on bags are gorgeously lightweight and all Tumi cases are linked to a central database, which means that if it goes missing, it can be tracked by way of a unique serial number.

Rudsak Hendon Suitcase

More famous for coming up with quite outstanding jackets, Rudsak is also making considerable waves in the designer luggage space as well. Deliberately unassuming and understated in every way, it is the subtly luxurious accents of the Rudsak Hendon Suitcase that give it its unique charm. Perfectly lightweight and with an opulent leather-coated handle for good measure, everything about the Rudsak Hendon Suitcase screams good taste.

Mulberry Henry Trolley Case

Last but not least, Mulberry has been world famous for decades as a producer of impeccable quality leather goods and the most stylish bags on the market. Their travel collection can be regularly seen sported by the most fashionable famous faces in the world – the Mulberry Henry Trolley Case having proved a particular favourite as of late. Manufactured with exclusive weekend trips and getaways in mind, the Mulberry Henry Trolley Case brings together true opulence and enormous practicality in equal measures.

These luxury carry-on bags will help you turn heads the next time you walk through the airport. Make sure you can show them off as soon as possible by booking one of our luxury chalets in the Three Valleys.

Photo sources: Flickr/Wilerson S Andrade – Flickr/Jason Kuffer

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