Summer Fun In Meribel – Activities Kids Will Love

3rd September 2015

Meribel may be famous the world over for its incredible winter sports opportunities, but the resort and the region as a whole burst into life every summer with a range of outstanding activities for the whole family. There’s something uniquely beautiful about this quite stunning corner of Europe during the summer months, which bring Meribel a wholly different dynamic than its more familiar winter setting.

So for families thinking of heading for a little well-deserved summer fun in Meribel, here’s a quick look at just a few of the most enjoyable family activities kids will love:

Adventure Park, Meribel

The adventure park in Meribel was created for the sole purpose of entertaining and thrilling adults and kids alike, leaving all with a huge smile on their face. It’s a huge expanse of tunnels, swings, ropes and highflying fun in the treetops that’s not only an absolute blast but also quite a brilliant exercise to boot. And of course, with the backdrop of the stunning mountains and surrounding countryside on all sides, it is simply a beautiful way of spending an action-packed summer’s day in Meribel. No experience is required and all equipment and instruction are provided by the on-site team.


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Crazy Golf, Mottaret

You are never too old to get a real kick out of a round of crazy golf and the course at Mottaret really is not to be missed. Meticulously careful and opened exclusively during the summer months, it is living proof that you can, in fact, have a fantastic time in Meribel without spending more than a few euros. Kids of all ages are welcome to come along and try their luck with the fabulous and often funny challenges.

Hot Air Ballooning, Meribel

Despite being more commonly associated with romantic trips for two, hot air ballooning is an absolutely incredible activity for the whole family. It may come across as rather tranquil and serene on the whole, but just as soon as you find yourself suspended from a great height by nothing but an old wicker basket, you soon realise it is a heck of a lot more exciting than it looks. And of course, the fact that it allows you to take in the surrounding scenery and the town of Meribel itself from a unique vantage point is also an incredible bonus.

Indoor Climbing Wall (Mur d’Escalade)

Kids over the age of five are welcome to head over to La Chaudanne to try out the fabulous indoor climbing wall which remains open all through the summer. Even with no experience whatsoever and no real taste for heights, the expert instructors will provide the whole family with everything they need for a wonderful afternoon.

Horse Riding

There’s really nothing quite like taking in the majesty of the surroundings by way of a soul-stirring horseback ride under the guide of world-class professionals. Kids and horse riding have always made for the perfect combination, though when you add into the mix the fresh air and stunning scenery of Meribel, you are looking at a genuinely once in a lifetime opportunity.


Last but not least, why not give the kids the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of stepping into the shoes of Robin Hood with an exciting archery lesson in Meribel? Under the watch of some of the best archery instructors in the country, kids and adults alike can enjoy a thrilling and entertaining afternoon getting to grips with one of the most enjoyable ancient sports with an added 21st century twist.


Now you know all the fun activites there are for the whole family, you just need to choose your accommodation. Make your trip an unforgettable one by staying in a luxury ski chalet in Meribel. Check our availability and book today!

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