Most Romantic Spots in Courchevel

4th February 2016

Romantic Spots in Courchevel, 3 Valleys

When it comes to romantic getaways in the 3 Valleys, setting yourself up in the most decadent luxury catered chalets in France pretty much takes care of everything. Luxury chalets in Courchevel for example pretty conclusively redefine what exclusivity and opulence really mean – just the ticket for the kind of getaway you’ll never forget.

Of course you’ll also want to get out and about during your trip, so where should romantic types head when planning a trip to the Three Valleys? You’ve taken your pick of the very best ski chalets in Courchevel, but what else is on offer for those looking to import a few fireworks of their own? Below we talk you through the very best romantic spots in Courchevel, so you can treat your partner to the trip of a lifetime.

Sunrise Atop the Piste

First of all, there’s really nothing more rewarding or romantic than wrapping in before dawn and taking a gentle stroll to the top of the piste of your choice. Take along a flask of hot chocolate…or perhaps a bottle of Champagne if you prefer…and find yourself that perfect spot from which to watch the most romantic and perfectly private sunrise you’ll ever be privileged to. And of course, you can also take your gear with you to ski down afterwards, if you fancy.

Hot Wine at Peupliers 

Located in Le Praz, this place has a pretty unrivalled reputation for its extraordinary hot wine and the kind of cosy atmosphere that’s almost too cosy to believe. It’s the perfect picture postcard setting for a relaxing hour or two in the evening, or the perfect escape should the weather not exactly be on your side.

Forest Walks

One of the best ways of completely escaping the crowds and enjoying a few moments of absolute tranquillity is to strap on a pair of snow shoes and head out for a walk in the forest. You’ll discover beautiful hidden villages, incredible spots for picnics and perhaps have the odd rendezvous with a few local critters, making it the perfect activity if you’re looking for romantic spots in Courchevel.

Balloon Rides

Weather permitting and depending on the time of year you decide to go, you may have the opportunity to indulge in a quite breathtaking hot air balloon ride. Rest assured that this is exactly the kind of experience you cannot even begin to comprehend until you have actually experienced it first-hand. Suffice to say, when it comes to the most spectacular views you’ll ever lay eyes on and true romance on an entirely new level, it’s beyond compare.

Chabichou Spa

For an afternoon of pure pampering, get yourselves to the Chabichou Spa in 1850 which is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and downright stunning in the entire country. All treatments and facilities are world-class, so too is the Chabotté restaurant where it’s highly recommended you head when you’ve had quite enough of being spoiled well and truly rotten.

Home Comforts

Last but not least, be sure to set aside enough time to fully revel in the delights of your own luxuriously catered ski chalet, where talented chefs and superstar service staff bring a world of opulent delights quite literally to your doorstep. Suffice to say, it’s all the comfort of home injected with something truly spectacular.

If you’ve been looking for different ways to surprise your partner then we hope these suggestions have helped you to plan a special day indeed. Book your 3 Valleys stay with Alpine Infusion and find out why this area of the world is regarded as one of the top luxury ski resorts in Europe.

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