How To Travel To And From The 3 Valleys In Style

3rd December 2015

The only problem with the low-cost airlines serving a variety of destinations around The 3 Valleys is…well, let’s just say it’s something you only understand if you have actually experienced one for itself. Suffice to say that when heading out to Meribel in search of pure luxury and lavish indulgence, things don’t exactly get off to the best possible start if you arrive tired, annoyed, late and with half of your luggage missing.

On the plus side, this is exactly the kind of ski region in which quite literally anything goes and to arrive in real style is always an available option. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to the usual sky-tractor service to choose from – some of which represent outstanding and memorable experience in their own right.

Arrive by Private Jet

For example, there are plenty of fantastic services up and running right now offering private jet transfers from the UK to the heart of French ski country. The closest private jet airport serving The 3 Valleys is Chambery Airport, which more often than not tends to be the place the usual herds flock to by way of standard scheduled airlines. Journey times from the United Kingdom start from as little as 90 minutes and when it comes to pure luxury and enjoyment, there’s really no comparison.

Helicopter Transfers

What better way of traveling to your chosen Courchevel or Meribel luxury ski chalets than with your own private helicopter transfer service? It sounds somewhat lavish and perhaps over the top, because it is – and all in the most fantastic way possible to arrive at Courchevel Airport for example represents an absolutely breathtaking experience in its own right, allowing you and your group to take in the most spectacular views imaginable and gaze down on the resort in a way few ever get the privilege to. And it’s the same with helicopter transfers to other key resorts too, so why not start your luxury ski holiday in Meribel in the kind of style you’ll no doubt quickly become accustomed to?

Supercar Hire

Last but not least, if you’re the type that prefers to take the wheel personally though would still prefer to arrive in true style, nothing ticks all the right boxes quite like supercar hire. To compliment a stay at the finest luxury chalets the Three Valleys has to offer with your own Lamborghini or Ferrari for the duration of your trip is to really inject an entirely new dynamic and sense of excitement into your holiday. And should you decide to embark on any trips or excursions during your stay, you can rest assured that there’s really nothing in the world like cruising the most beautiful roads on earth in quite simply the most beautiful cars ever manufactured.

So if you’re going the whole hog with a luxury holiday in a prime ski country, why not take it that one step further and arrive in true style and comfort?

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Alpine Infusion


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