Getting in Slope-Shape: Summer Ski Workout Plan

7th June 2018

While most are getting beach body ready, we’re getting ski body ready.

It’s never too early to prepare yourself for the slopes!

Ski training exercises will improve your performance on the pistes, making you the envy of everyone around you. So, if you’ve got a competitive streak, don’t underestimate the importance of ski exercises!

To help you get in shape, here’s our summer ski workout plan.


How to Get Fit for Skiing

Looking to improve your technique? Want to smash your own targets? Some pre-skiing exercises wouldn’t go amiss.

Getting fit is one of the best ways to look like a pro on the slopes!

Not sure how it’s done? Here’s a day-by-day ski season workout to be repeated in the weeks running up to your holiday:


Day One- Legs

Your legs will take a battering on the slopes! So, if you’re trying to get fit for skiing, focus a lot of attention on your legs.

Particularly if you plan to go off-piste, you’ll want to ensure your muscles are properly trained, as the terrain is much tougher. Here’s a rough guide:

10-20-minute cardio warm-up
25 lunges per leg – x4
20 squats – x3
20 sumo squats – x3
1-minute wall sit

With exercises such as squats, it’s important to make sure your posture is correct. You don’t want to be tucked in too far, or leaning back too much. Bad habits will lead to bad posture on the pistes!


Day Two – Cardio

Skiing might be fun, but it’s a workout at the same time! Avoid having your day cut short early by tired or aching muscles by keeping your fitness up.

Try to do between half an hour and an hour of cardio. This can be any type you prefer, but cycling is said to be the best, as it trains the same muscles you’ll use for skiing.


Day Three – Core

Your core is another important area you’ll want to prepare for the slopes! A strong core means better posture and control while skiing. Get ski body ready with these exercises:

10-20-minute cardio warm-up
20 push ups x3
30 second plank x3
20 sit ups x3
10 bench-dips


Day Four – Cardio

Day four is very similar to day two! But, your choice of exercise doesn’t have to be the same.

If you fancy a change, pick whichever form of cardio suits you best!


Day Five – Legs/Core

Now it’s time to combine legs with core!

Pick your favourite exercises from above and repeat three or four times each. Feel free to mix and match!


Day Six – Cardio

Your legs and core will be sore from the day before, so stick to cardio for the day.

Try to do between 30-60-minutes.


Day Seven – Rest

Everyone deserves a day off, even when the slopes are involved!

Repeat this ski workout plan as many times as you like. We recommend doing it for at least 4-6 weeks before your holiday.

But, the more you do it, the better the results! These are simply some easy skiing exercises to do at home, you can do them as often as you like.


The Best Exercises to Prepare for Skiing

If sticking to a plan doesn’t work for you, why not do things your own way?

The main areas to target are your legs and core. These are the hardest working muscles on the slopes!

Here are the best exercises for skiing:

Wall sits
Squat jumps

Truthfully, any exercise is good exercise. So, if you have a preferred form of cardio or you find squats difficult, stick to what you can do.

They are many ways to improve your performance. Find what works for you!


How to Get in Shape for Skiing

Good at other sports? Tap into your abilities!

If you’re a snowboarder, going surfing over summer is a great way to prevent yourself going rusty. The posture and technique needed is good practice for the slopes.

Or, why not practice on an indoor slope? No matter your ability, an indoor slope is a great way to improve your technique all year round.

Itching to get back on the slopes? Make your holiday an unforgettable one by staying in one of the most luxurious chalets on offer in the Three Valleys. Check our availability today!

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