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The 5 Best Restaurants in Courchevel

4th November 2015

When you travel to a place like Courchevel for a winter or summer break, you naturally expect some of the most outstanding cuisine on the face of the Earth. And it tends to be that this is exactly what you find yourself spoilt with at every turn, as Courchevel has a proud history for serving up deliciously decadent and shamelessly superior culinary delights crafted by some of the most talented chefs ever to don an apron.

Which is all well and good, but assuming you only have a few days or perhaps a week to sample the very best of Courchevel, where should you focus your attention? Well, contrary to a popular belief it’s not all about paying entirely over the odds to mingle with millionaires above Courchevel (1850) – the finest of fine dining in Courchevel doesn’t have to be extortionately expensive.

So if you’re the type that prefers that sublime balance of flawless food and vivacious value for money, the following top-five picks tick all the right boxes in spades:

Bel Air                                                

BelAir-Restaurant-Courchevel-Alpine-InfusionFirst up, some may debate whether or not Bel Air actually qualifies as fine dining in the traditional sense, quite simply because the place is so incredibly comfortable, cosy, unpretentious and affordable. Nevertheless, if you judge a place by the quality of the food on offer, its outstanding customer service team and the way in which repeat visitors are treated like a member of the family, absolutely cannot go wrong with Bel Air. Just €25 will net you one of the daily specials which are quite simply always to-die-for.



les-verdons-Courchevel-Alpine-InfusionBuzzing with activity every afternoon and evening when the weather is at its best, the terrace at Verdons really is a place to see and to be seen. Famed for serving up a rather delightfully extravagant take on the spring rolls you may already know and love (€20), Verdons is the perfect example of a place that brings together a relaxed and vibrant après-ski social scene with genuinely superior dining.



Azimut-Courchevel-Alpine-InfusionMichelin Star dining brought away from the realms of the pretentious and right into deliciously accessible and affordable territory. Chef-owner François Mouraux serves up incredible local delicacies and a dizzying array of creative house specials for which he and the place as a whole have earned a well-deserved international reputation. €30 for three courses is one of the resort’s biggest bargains.



chabichou-courchevel-Alpine-InfusionUndoubtedly, the crown jewel of Courchevel for those who value genuinely spectacular gastronomic masterpieces regardless of the costs, Chabichou has chalked up two Michelin Stars over the years and is absolutely iconic eatery on the local landscape. Michel Rochedy and Stéphane Buron lead a team of world-class chefs, with tasting menus on offer from €110 and up.



Bouc Blanc 

Bouc-Blanc-Courchevel-Alpine-InfusionLast but not least, Bouc Blanc may not usually be classified under fine dining but in terms of quality food and almost unbelievable value for money, it’s one of the highlights of the mountain. The place itself is gorgeous, the service team is a credit to Courchevel, the wine list is impressive yet affordable and the melt-in-the-mouth lamb shank goes for just €19…enough said.



Bonus – Alpine Infusion

Alpine-Infusion-Catered-Chalets-FranceFor a taste of the region’s finest local ingredients prepared by world-class chefs exclusively for your party, Alpine Infusion offers a brilliantly unique chalet catering service. The ultimate in fine dining crafted around your tastes and served to you in a beautifully private and comfortable setting – the very epitome of indulgent exclusivity.



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Alpine Infusion


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