The 5 Best Hiking and Outdoors Apps

18th July 2016

People have been hiking in the mountains for years, and when the weather gets a bit warmer The Three Valleys transforms into a fantastic destination for strapping on your boots and going on an adventure. If you’re an experienced hiker, or even if you’re a beginner, then we’ve put together a list of the 5 best hiking and outdoors apps that could be used to further enjoy the great outdoors. Make sure you pack your smartphone with you next time you go away and try out some of these handy apps.

MapMyHike (Android, iOS)

This hiking app uses the sensors in your smartphone to track and log your hiking route. It keeps a record of all kinds of information, such as the pace you’ve been travelling, the distance you’ve walked, the calories you’re burning and the route you’ve navigated. If you’re looking for other trails nearby then MapMyHike even informs you about routes in close proximity.

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Cairn (iOS)

Cairn is an app that helps to keep you safe while you’re on an excursion. It crowdsources information about where you’ll be able to receive mobile signal, before conveying the results to you with a handy map. After your location is logged, the Cairn hiking app will also allow you to leave plans of your trip with your friends. This means that if you don’t return back during the time you stated then your contacts will be alerted, and they’ll be told where you were last tracked to. Make sure you have this app if you’re planning to hike down trails that aren’t visited too often.

Ramblr (Android, iOS)

If you’re the type of hiking enthusiast that likes to document everything about the trip then Ramblr needs to be downloaded onto your phone right now. It’s a mobile journalism app and it’s been designed for hikes and mountaineering trips. When using it you’ll get to record pretty much everything you can think of, like highest point and average speed. You’ll also get to record geotagged audio and video, making it much easier to sift through when you want to look back on the trip when you’re home.

best hiking apps map my hike

Dark Sky (iOS) Weather Timeline (Android)

It goes without saying that the weather will play a big part in your hike, so it’s very useful to have accurate information that you can plan your journey with. These two apps both provide extended forecasts and warnings of any rainfall that’s heading your way, so you should have no problem planning ahead and avoiding getting caught in any big downpours.

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Yonder (Android, iOS)

This interesting app connects hiking enthusiasts from all over the world. You share your experiences of hiking and other activities, follow other users to see their activity, or use the database to browse through more than 200,000 destinations. This means that not only can you see what people from all over the world are up to on their adventures, but you also get to find out about nearby locations and trails, too.

With these apps by your side you can get even more from your hiking adventures. The Three Valleys is one of the most spectacular locations in the world for hiking, with some travellers preferring to take it all in while staying in large family tents. However at Alpine Infusion we offer a wide selection of gorgeous accommodation in Courchevel and Meribel, so take a look at our luxury chalets and get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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