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Méribel in the Summer Months

Experience the French Alps as never before

The thought of Méribel, the infamous French ski resort, usually conjures up images of endless winding pistes and snow-covered mountains. So, on the surface, it may not appear as though there’s much to do in the warmer months, once the snow has melted. However, this is not the case.

Méribel in summer has plenty to offer its visitors, with many returning year after year to experience the Alps in a fresh and exciting way. Icy slopes are replaced by luscious, rolling green pastures, as the mountains become the home for a plethora exciting summer activities.

Tempted? Here’s a closer look at how the Three Valleys transform in summer.

Méribel in the Three Valleys

Seeing a side to Méribel you haven’t seen before is an unforgettable experience. Upon your arrival, the appearance of one of France’s most popular ski resorts is nearly unrecognisable.

However, despite the differences, the resort still emulates charm and retains its welcoming, homely atmosphere recognised by thousands of holiday-makers. Laden with flowers and trees, the landscapes are equally as beautiful as those found in the winter months. These views are simply breathtaking, rivalling images found on a postcard.

For this reason, it’s apparent why countless visitors frequent Méribel for the chance to explore, or participate in one of the exhilarating summer activities on offer.

But, the resort is also popular with those fond of relaxation. There’s nothing that can help you unwind better than visiting the Alps in summer. The stunning scenery combined with the calming atmosphere is the perfect medicine to help you forget the stresses of day-to-day life.

Therefore, visiting this resort during the warmer months offers the perfect balance, ensuring it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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Our Luxury Chalets in Méribel

Your Méribel Summer Accommodation

Ski chalets are the perfect choice of accommodation for your summer Alpine getaway

If the allure of the summer slopes is too much to resist, it’s time to choose your accommodation. As with every holiday, where you stay is of paramount importance.

Most of us associate luxury chalets with winter. However, they’re also perfect for summer trips to the Alps. Our range of stunning accommodation is sure to be the perfect finishing touch to make your Alpine adventure a trip to remember.

Here’s a closer look at how we create the perfect summer holidays.

We’ve found the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement. Our luxury chalets in Méribel are tailor made for large groups, be that families, friends or colleagues.

Creating luxury ski holidays is in our nature, as our chalets are fully equipped with everything you need to relax and unwind. This includes a spa, where we can book beauty treatments for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home, such as professional massages. You’ll also have your own swimming pool or hot tub, which many of our guests discover to be a welcome refreshing addition.

But, we’ve taken care not to forget that holidays largely revolve around partying. Therefore, our VIP chalets are the perfect places to enjoy yourselves in style.

To us, variation is what creates the luxury experience. Those embarking on a summer trip to the Alps deserve extravagance, which is something we aim to provide. A stay with us as one of our guests is a holiday unlike any other.

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Méribel Activities for Summer Mountain Holidays

Skiing isn’t the only sport on offer in the Alps

If you’ve visited Europe’s most famous mountain range before, it’s likely your primary focus was the skiing and its associated thrills. Therefore, you might be unaware of the plethora of exciting activities on offer for you to try. Upon your arrival, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to do first.


White Water Rafting

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of white water rafting before, summertime in Méribel is the ideal opportunity. The Alpine rapids simultaneously provide entertainment and a challenge for both beginners and experts alike. Group activities are superb bonding experiences, where the spotlight is on every member of the family.



Fishing is both a family-friendly and charming activity that Méribel effortlessly accommodates. While it may not offer the adrenaline rush that skiing has become synonymous with, fishing in Lac Tueda is an enchanting experience, where there’s an emphasis on being at one with nature.  You’ll need a fishing license, and you won’t be able to fish between 5pm and 8pm every day.



For thrill seekers, mountain-biking is a highly suitable pursuit. Méribel boasts an extensive area that keen mountain bikers can explore at their leisure. The experience can be both calming as well as energetic, marrying breathtaking scenery with adventure. It’s a fresh and exciting way to explore your favourite mountains after the snow has melted.



Another option available is to practice archery against a backdrop of stunning Alpine views. Children and adults alike enjoy taking part in this popular summer activity in Méribel.



If you’re looking for a relaxing activity, canyoning might not be for you. But, for those seeking the taste of adrenaline, canyoning is the perfect fit. It involves plunging into mountain streams and natural water slides from great heights. Thanks to Méribel’s warm summer temperature, this sport remains comfortable, albeit thrilling.



Geocaching is a popular summer activity, especially in Méribel. It involves hunting for treasure using a GPS system. However, beneath the surface, it’s also a chance for the whole family to bond while exploring the Alpine environment.



Hydro-speeding is the most exhilarating way to travel along a river. The sensation is entirely unique, which is why it’s highly recommended for those on holiday in Méribel in summer.



Cycling through the Méribel is both rewarding and challenging. In fact, the roads around Méribel are home to part of the Tour de France, which gives you some indication as to how difficult they are. But, you’ll be rewarded with the simply superb views of the luscious green scenery that surrounds you. This alone keeps cyclists returning year after year.



Hiking is the perfect activity to discover the mountains and admire the wildlife. While the Méribel weather can get warm, the crisp mountain air creates the perfect climate for sports.


Hot Air Ballooning

If climbing the mountain doesn’t appeal, take an alternative route. Travelling by hot air balloon is an awe-inspiring chance to witness some simply incredible sights.



Méribel is home to an 18-holes course along the slopes beneath the Dent de Burgin. For younger visitors, there’s a crazy-golf course in the centre of Méribel-Mottaret.


Mountain Climbing

No matter your area of expertise, Méribel is a great place for rock climbing. You’ll be safe in the hands of a trained guide as you scale the mountains. If you’re not quite ready to take your skills outdoors, there are plenty of indoor climbing centres that are the perfect place for you to get to grips with the sport. Alternatively, if scaling a mountain sounds too daunting, have a go at via ferrata. This is a similar activity, but a much more accessible one.



Whether you prefer indoor pools or outdoor swimming, Méribel is home to plenty of places where you can take a dip. Especially if you’ve been enjoying some of the higher intensity sports for a few days, swimming can be a welcome change, and a welcome respite in the warm weather.


Horse Riding

Is there a better way to enjoy Méribel’s trails than on horseback? These winding routes are just waiting to be explored, and horse riding adds an exciting dimension to the experience.

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What to Do When There’s No Snow in Méribel

There’s more to Méribel than meets the eye…

In summer, the Méribel ski area doesn’t just play host to exciting sports and activities. Those looking for the chance to relax are sure to find it. So, if you’re considering returning in summer, here’s just a glimpse at what your holiday has in store.


Explore The Vanoise National Park

Once the snow has melted, Méribel is revealed in a new and distinctive light. The resort is set in the Vanoise National Park, the first of its kind in France. In summer, you can take advantage of its numerous peaks and high altitude, which boast sightseeing, walking and hiking.

Those who visit the Vanoise massif can delight in the breath-taking views and admire its wildlife. The park is home to some fascinating animals, such as golden eagles, marmottes and pine martens.

If you take an interest in plants, there’s plenty to discover in Méribel in summer. The range here is both diverse and beautiful, from rare twinflowers to colourful black vanilla orchids.


Relaxing Spa Retreats

Méribel caters to everyone, no matter what type of holiday you seek. For those looking for a more relaxing experience, Méribel is home to plenty of spas that offer a range of treatments, including massages. Everything you need to feel rejuvenated is in one place.


Gourmet Restaurants

Enjoying delicious, sumptuous meals that you don’t have to prepare yourself is one of the best parts of any holiday. Luckily, Méribel’s restaurants keep their doors open even after the snow has disappeared.

Whether you’re looking for a quick, mid-adventure snack or a lavish dinner, the plethora of options available to you is sure to keep you satisfied, no matter how hungry you might be.

The location of this popular French village is ideally placed so that its visitors can take advantage of the traditional cuisine found there. From the well-known classics to some inspired, innovative cooking – there’s a vast amount of menu options available to you.



On paper, Méribel might not appear to be the home of a luxury shopping experience. However, the town boasts an enormous range of stores, from outdoor sports shops to fashionable clothing boutiques.


No Snow in the Alps – Summer Lift Opening Dates

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Méribel’s lifts close at the end of the ski season. In fact, since so many visitors head to Méribel to take part in its summer activities, the lifts reopen from July until September. Both pedestrians and mountain bikers can use the lifts, allowing them to take full advantage of the mountains.

If you’ve been enticed to visit Méribel in summer, ensure you stay in 5-star accommodation that complements your surroundings. A holiday of this nature deserves only the finest luxury lodge. Browse our range of Méribel chalets here to begin your unforgettable summer getaway.

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