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Where would luxury ski holidays be without relaxation? Being able to fully unwind is one of the best parts of going on holiday. Skiing might be intense during the day, but that’s no excuse not to relax!

If the allure of the Alpine scenery isn’t enough to alleviate the stresses of day-to-day life, we’re confident a stay in our 5 star luxury chalets will be. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from your stay with us.

Our Luxury Chalets

A Glimpse at Your Luxury Ski Holiday in France

Where adventure and glamour meet

Some claim that skiing isn’t synonymous with relaxation. We’re here to change that!

While the thrills of the slopes may get the adrenaline flowing, we still believe that luxury ski holidays in Europe can be your opportunity to unwind from everyday life.

If the backdrop of Alpine peaks and breathtaking landscape isn’t enough to give you that calming feeling, we go above and beyond to help you unwind this season. We believe that skiing in luxury delivers our customers the best of both worlds. We aim to strike the perfect balance between the intensity of winter sports activities and the opportunity to escape the busy reality of metropolitan life.

So, how do we aspire to a feeling of relaxation during your luxury ski holiday?


Spa Treatments for 5-Star Skiing Holidays

Little can rival a professional massage, particularly after a long day on the slopes. The excitement of skiing can often hide the physical demands of the sport.

A massage after the day’s activities is the perfect way to pamper yourself and ensure the fastest possible recuperation. As part of your luxury chalet experience, we’re happy to organise a range of professional massages and treatments at times convenient for you. This includes physiotherapy massages to help calm those tired muscles. All treatments will be carried out by trained experts with years of experience, ensuring you receive the best possible service. If you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to inform us and we’ll endeavour to accommodate these.

Do you want to look your best on the slopes? Our luxury ski vacations are the ideal excuse for pampering yourself. We can organise a variety of beauty treatments for our customers, including facials, pedicures and manicures. Whether you’re looking to explore the glitz and glamour of Three Valleys nightlife, or simply seeking the perfect spot for a romantic meal, our treatments will ensure you step out with confidence and look your very best.

All treatments will take place in the privacy and comfort of your own luxury chalet. This will allow you to fully relax and unwind without braving the hunt for a local salon. We’ll bring everything you need to your doorstep at a time which is convenient for you.


Best Chalet Fine Dining

Our most popular accommodation options are luxury catered ski chalets. This means you don’t have to worry about preparing your own food, or venturing out to restaurants, after a long day on the slopes!

Return home to a fully prepared meal made with care by one of our professionally trained chefs. Enjoy restaurant quality fine dining in our chalets to ensure your holiday experience is truly unforgettable.

Luxury family ski holidays can often become complicated around meal times. This is why we’ve opted to take the stress away from this for you. We specially prepare children’s meals which are both tasty and healthy. This means you’ll have the best possible chance of relaxing and enjoying that all-important family time.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please do not hesitate to inform us. We’ll do everything possible to ensure you receive the best experience.


5-Star Ski Chalet Facilities

We want your chalet to feel like a home away from home. This is why our luxury lodges come fully equipped with facilities to keep every member of the group entertained. These could include a spa, gym, swimming pool and hot tub. Everything you need to feel relaxed is under one roof.

We’ve found the perfect balance between partying with your group of friends VIP chalet-style, and giving you a chance to unwind. We believe this is what makes the luxury ski chalet experience the best way to enjoy any Alpine holiday.

Having your own lodge throughout the entirety of your trip means that your holiday can have the finest personal touches. You don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s schedule, or worry about what others around you are doing. Even luxury ski hotels simply can’t offer this level of independence and relaxation!


Ski in Luxury in Méribel and Courchevel

Méribel and Courchevel deserve their titles as two of the most luxurious ski resorts in the Alps.


Skiing in the Three Valleys

Both ski resorts are nestled in the heart of the Three Valleys, the world’s largest linked ski area. This means that a holiday to either resort will ensure you enjoy the very best skiing experience around. Guests can explore 600km of pistes with a plentiful selection of beginner, intermediate and expert runs.

It’s not just the pistes which make the resorts so widely praised. There’s plenty of snow cover at both resorts which ensure the ski area can be enjoyed at an extended period of each ski season. Courchevel, for instance, boasts a number of North-facing slopes perfect for snow cover. While Méribel maintains powerful snow cannons to ensure those visiting in the warmer months can still enjoy a high-class winter sports experience.

The scenery at each resort is spectacular to say the least. Admire the snow-dipped peaks of Mont Blanc in all their glory while tearing through some of the most exhilarating runs in the Alps. While enjoying the high-intensity mountainside sports, be sure to find a moment to take in the awe and wonder of such breathtaking views..

The Three Valleys truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking a luxury ski weekend with friends or ski holidays for couples, this location has it all. While it boasts a generous number of slopes for the younger skiers, it is also home to plenty of spots for adult skiers to explore.


Food and Drink

There’s more to Méribel and Courchevel than meets the eye. Excellent pistes and great snow cover aren’t the only benefits of these resorts. Both ski spots are world-renowned for their great nightlife, keeping the social buzz and entertainment going long into the night.

Additionally, touches of luxury can be found throughout both skiing destinations. There are a number of sumptuous restaurants which are well worth a visit, many of which have been awarded Michelin star awards for culinary excellence.

From the extensive wine lists to sampling local French delicacies, you’ll be delighted at the variety and quality of cuisine on offer. Every Alpine resort has its own speciality dish, from raclette to tarte aux myrtilles. All food will be made following traditional recipes to ensure you receive the most authentic dining experience.

It’s little wonder so many celebrities frequent the resorts year after year! You’ll be brushing shoulders with some famous faces as you make your way down the slopes.

The Perfect Place for Luxury Ski Chalet Holidays

With so many Alpine ski resorts to choose from, the reputation of Courchevel and Méribel is impressive. They haven’t earned this level of popularity for no reason! Many loyal skiers and families return year after year to revisit two of the best luxury ski resorts in Europe.

Whichever resort is your favourite, we believe a holiday in this location deserves only the best accommodation. There are many standard hotels on offer in both locations, but staying in one of the best ski chalets in the world takes your holiday to a new dimension.

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