The Ultimate Ski Runs in the Three Valleys

29th March 2017

With 600km of ski slopes, the Three Valleys is regarded as the largest ski area in the world. Across the entire area there are an estimated 183 ski lifts, 1,920 snow cannons, 76 piste bashers and 1,500 ski instructors, so you have no excuse for not improving your skiing technique! With such a large expanse of land, you could come back year after year and still find new ski runs to experiment on, which is why a guide to the very best ones is always helpful.

Read on to discover the ultimate ski runs in the Three Valleys you need to try on your next visit:

Combe de Vallon – Mont Vallon

Mont Vallon towers over the Meribel Valley and it provides the perfect opportunity to cut through the snow at high speeds. With a peak of 2,952 metres you can expect stunning views of the Three Valleys, and surprisingly you can often find it blissfully quiet. This exhilarating red run is not to be missed.

Jerusalem – Saint-Martin de Belleville

This rolling run sits above St Martin, one of the most picturesque villages in the Three Valleys. You can feel like you’re in your own little world as you head down, with no other piste insight and the odd barn dotted around here and there. Towards the end of Jerusalem, you can continue heading to Biolley, which is a blue piste that leads straight into St Martin at the bottom of the valley.

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Folières – la Tania

This ski run begins in the forest above La Tania, and it’s regarded as a must for any intermediate to advanced skiers in the Three Valleys. Enjoy the breath-taking views before strapping on your skis and heading down, with a nice, steep gradient that twists itself through the forest. Expect sweeping corners and natural rollers, and it’s not unusual to find fresh powder off to the sides even when there hasn’t been snowfall for a few days.

Eterlou – Meribel

At the top of the Plan De L’Homme chairlift above Meribel, you can find Eterlou. Some would say it’s perfectly positioned, high enough to be above base runs and away from the crowds, but low enough to be protected from the weather. This red run starts off gently, before coming into steeper territory and eventually flattening out slightly before the lift. If you’re able to get to Eterlou on a day of powder then prepare for one of the most enjoyable ski runs that you’ll experience on your Three Valleys holiday.

Creux – Courchevel

A sunny, quiet and cheerful red piste, Creux is a great choice for an early morning ski run. You can choose to either work on your short turns and get your technique up to scratch, or you can switch to the other side to enjoy the big, fast carving turns. This classic run is not to be missed.

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Boismint – Val Thorens

This red ski run drops down for more than 800 vertical metres, and thankfully it’s wide enough to give you the space needed to carve long terms. Boismint doesn’t feature too many flat sections so you can enjoy an exhilarating run all the way to the bottom. Just make sure you check the grooming report before you head out, as it doesn’t get groomed every day.

These are our favourite ski runs in the Three Valleys, but there are plenty more and you would have to keep coming back to test yourself on all of them. That shouldn’t be a problem though, as you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury ski chalets and 5-star accommodation.

If you want to enjoy some of the finest skiing in Europe then take a look at the availability of our luxury chalets in Meribel and Courchevel today.

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