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How Ski Holidays Help Build Long Term Business Relationships

6th March 2019

Not all clients are made equal.

Some business relationships are more important, worth more and have greater potential than others. If you’re looking to fortify a partnership, improve rapport or demonstrate how much you value a client, you can’t go wrong with a ski holiday to the Three Valleys.

Here, we explain how ski holidays can help to build long term business relationships combined with a few tips to ensure yours goes down well.


A Business Meeting Like No Other

Business meetings can be pretty dull at times. Often, they can be a bit of burden on those attending. If, however, your business meeting is in a luxury ski resort in the Alps, topped off with a week of skiing, it’s not going to be forgotten anytime soon.

There are plenty of high-quality facilities available in both Meribel and Courchevel to ensure you can get down to business in comfort. Whether it’s around the table in your luxury ski chalet, or in a hired venue of choice, there’s no risk of missing out on the actual business you’re planning to do when you visit the Three Valleys.

We do recommend getting the business out of the way at the start of the trip though. This will ensure everyone can enjoy the slopes and apres-ski without worrying about the preparation needed for the next day’s meeting.


Demonstrates that You Value Their Business

You can’t take every client on a ski holiday, realistically you’ll only ever take your most important partners or clients. This proves that you value the business relationship you have together.

Most clients probably wouldn’t have been taken on a business trip like this, so if you’re serious about their importance to your business, this is a clear indicator of how much your respect and value them.


Builds Rapport & Strengthens Existing Bonds

Building rapport is commonplace in business meetings, though it often doesn’t reach further than simple small talk. If you were to take your client or partners on a luxury holiday to the Alps, the opportunities for rapport building are plentiful.

This not only strengthens relationships in the business sense, but also allows for the growth of personal friendships.

There’s an age old saying in sales – ‘people buy from people’. If you show the personal side of your business, you may just find you’ve made a client for life.


It Proves You’re Serious About the Future

When contracts are signed and business discussions are had, a lot of promises made in the boardroom are taken with a pinch of salt. Everyone understands that business is selfish and relationship dynamics can often change in a moment.

When you go above and beyond to take your client on a trip to the Three Valleys for your meeting, it demonstrates that you’re serious about the future. Promises made, are exactly that, promises.


It Rewards Their Custom

Everyone likes to get a little something back when they have been a loyal customer. Your clients are no different. Rewarding loyalty and renewed custom through a ski holiday is guaranteed to keep relationships strong for a long time.


Mitigates the Risk of Losing Business

Above all, spoiling your clients or partners with a luxury stay in the Alps is sure to reduce the risk of losing their business. It’s highly unlikely that a brand which enjoyed a ski holiday with you one month, would break contract in the foreseeable future.


Give Your Clients Luxury this Ski Season

When you’re planning to conduct business in the Alps, make sure you demand the best. We offer a range of exquisite 5 star luxury chalets in Meribel and Courchevel which will radiate charm, class and style. If you’re after a venue which represents the importance of your business relationship, we can help.

Browse our range of luxury chalets in Meribel here.

Browse our range of luxury chalets in Courchevel here.

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