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Is a Luxury Corporate Ski Holiday a Worthwhile Company Incentive?

14th March 2019

Company incentives range from free gym passes to extra days off throughout the year.

But what kind of employee incentives really pay off in the long term? To be certain that these perks are worth the expense, you need to have a clear strategy for measuring their success.

If you’re looking to increase profits, boost employee engagement and inject some energy into your company, a corporate ski holiday could be the way forward.

From team building sessions on the snow, to letting your hair down back at a lavish ski chalet, a corporate ski trip in a world-class ski resort could be the key to making your employees feel valued.

Here’s how to weigh up the success of your company incentives for employees.


What are Your Objectives?

Before you go about weighing up the value of a company trip, you need to decide what you are setting out to achieve.

Is it about increasing profits or boosting morale? Once you start assessing your needs and objectives you might find that revenue and employee happiness are more intertwined that you first imagined.


It’s Not All About the Money

While the main outcome of a corporate holiday is likely to be improving the success of the company, this isn’t necessarily all down to profits.

The happiness of your employees can drastically affect outcomes at work. Research has proven that employees do better when they participate in incentive programs such as group trips and when there is a positive regard for the company.

Why not show your team how appreciated they are with the ultimate ski holiday experience? The more you can offer employees in terms of benefits and opportunities, the more dedicated they will be to achieving goals for the business.

Experiences can be more powerful than cash incentives as they strengthen bonds and make lasting memories, transforming your employees into brand ambassadors to champion your company image to the world.


What Do Your Employees Want?

Before you start arranging a day out paintballing or a hefty bonus, it’s worth asking your employees what actually motivates them to succeed.

Although a generous bonus will most likely be welcomed, often this cash injection gets spent on household bills and everyday life and is soon forgotten about.

An extravagant company holiday however will be remembered for years to come. Treating your staff to a holiday they may not have had the chance to experience before is the best way to delight and inspire.

An indulgent luxury skiing experience is bound to make anyone feel appreciated. Especially when it includes five-star service and VIP treatment.


Attracting The Best New Talent

If you notice an uplift in job applications from aspiring candidates, it’s probably a sign that what you’re offering is highly sought after.

Word of mouth is a powerful force. A luxury ski holiday is bound to get colleagues talking and spreading the word about your company’s generous perks. If you want to hire the best, you need to offer the finest incentives.


Retaining Top Talent

Equally, retaining your highest performing employees takes work. A luxury holiday away could be the difference in preventing another company from poaching your best players.

It has been shown that employee recognition through impressive incentive plans leads to long-term retention.


A Healthy Dose of Competition

If a trip away with colleagues leads to some friendly competition back at the office, that can’t be a bad thing. A contest on the slopes could lead to winning accounts and acing deals.

There’s nothing like a ski trip to get people in the competitive spirit. Particularly in the world of sales or finance, competition is a highly desired trait. The race to be the champion of the mountain and master the hardest black slope can easily be translated back to the office.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It’s hard to achieve the best alone. True success requires cooperation and teamwork.

Although skiing may seem like an individual pursuit, a group ski holiday is far from it.

From group ski lessons to relaxing back at your chalet, a ski holiday is all about socialising and having fun together. Communicating in a less formal environment will help foster connections that will outlast the holiday.

For example, sharing meals is the one of the oldest forms of human bonding rituals. Choosing a catered luxury chalet for your team means they can share ideas over four courses of exquisitely prepared dishes each evening. A team meeting like no other.

Taking a tumble on the slopes or enjoying some drinks at apres ski, sharing a living space with your colleagues is a guaranteed accelerated bonding experience.


Increase Productivity and Wellbeing

There’s nothing like a good dose of fresh Alpine air to refresh and reset the system. The busy working week doesn’t always leave time for exercise or learning new things, so a company week away is a great way to boost wellbeing.

A luxury ski holiday isn’t all about hitting the slopes. A corporate ski package includes accommodation in the most luxurious of chalets, with benefits such as spa rooms, jacuzzis or home cinemas!


Reward Good Work and More Will Follow

Rewarding your employees with a five-star ski holiday is a a sure fire way of encouraging hard work.

Make even large group holidays feel personalised with a VIP ski holiday package tailored to each member’s needs. The Three Valleys are home to varied slopes so employees of all abilities can get involved.


Reward Your Team with A Luxury Ski Trip

In order for your business to succeed, you need to nurture it. Show your team they’re valued and the rewards will more than outweigh the investment.

A luxury corporate ski trip is the perfect team-bonding experience. At Alpine Infusion, we offer a range of luxury ski chalets in Courchevel and Meribel alongside specifically designed corporate ski packages tailored to providing the best services and facilities to large groups. If you’re looking for a way to boost employee engagement, we know how to spoil them properly.

Browse our range of luxury chalets in Meribel here.

Browse our range of luxury chalets in Courchevel here.

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