Most Romantic Spots in Meribel

28th January 2016

Romantic Spots in Meribel

Realistically, there isn’t a single spot in Meribel that isn’t the very dictionary’s definition of romance. From the luxury ski chalets in Meribel village to the world-class dining and all things white and wonderful on the slopes, all places are a veritable picture postcard of perfection.

Nevertheless, there are certain essential boxes that should be ticked by anyone heading into town with nothing but unbridled romance on their minds. So for those who’ve already decided to luxury ski Francestyle this season, what exactly are the super romantic spots in Meribel?

Your Private Luxury Chalet

Well, first of all when it comes to lapping up the luxury in complete and total privacy, the very best Meribel chalet companies have you coveredbig time! Whoever you are and whatever you happen to be into, there’s absolutely no denying the fact that stunning wooden chalets with roaring log fires and the most spectacular views on all sides pretty much encapsulate what real romance is. Seriously – make the right choice when it comes to your accommodation and you won’t even have to set foot outside to romance things up in a big way!

Soaking In a Hot Tub

Just to contradict that point entirely, you might also want think about ensuring you have a place that features its own private hot tub. The connotations between hot tubs, champagne and the kind of romance reserved for the lucky few don’t exactly need any spelling out – suffice to say, there will be fireworks.

Hot Chocolate and Cake at The Adray Telebar

Some say it’s one of the best romantic spots in Meribel to head if you find yourself dealing with a poor weather day, though to be perfectly honest it would be a tragedy not to try this joint out. Let’s put it this way, there really isn’t anywhere else in Meribel you and your other half can lose yourselves in a jug of sublime hot chocolate and slightly overly-generous lump of cake, all in front of a roaring fire and for just 5 Euros! How this place stays so quiet and laid back remains an absolute mystery.

Sublime Dining for Two

If you’re going to splash out on one OTT meal for two, it might as well be as Chez Kiki. It might not be what you call secluded, in fact it’s the most famous restaurant in Meribel, but it also serves up undoubtedly the most outstanding food you’re ever likely to have access to and in surroundings that are dreamy in every way.

Incredible Alternative Activities

It’s always worth remembering that when heading out to romantic spots in Meribel, even for a short time, there are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve skiing. Think about it – what could be more romantic than a horse-drawn sleigh-ride through a stunning snowy landscape, as the two of you sip mulled wine under a cosy blanket? Seriously…it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

The Most Incredible Sunset

Last but not least, La Roc Tania often wins brownie points as the single most incredible place to watch the sun setting over the Roc de Fer – not least because they do killer Irish coffees served with the privileged possibility of being the last person to ski back down the mountain in the evening.

There’s no denying that this part of the world is looked upon fondly by romantic types, and whether you are heading to the 3 Valleys in the Summer or the Winter you will always be guaranteed an amazing time. Take a look at our gorgeous, luxury ski chalets and make your booking with Alpine Infusion today.

Photo sources: – ©DavidANDRE

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