Mountain Wedding Proposal: How and When to Do It

17th November 2016

Of the thousands of different ways to propose to your loved one, doing it on the side of a mountain while they’re taking in a beautiful vista has to be up there as one of the most romantic.

Not only would it be an incredible story to tell the grand kids, but you’ll be helping her to feel like she’s on top of the world… at the exact moment where she’s quite literally near the top already!

But unless you’re a true romanticist you’ll probably need a few helpful hints and tricks to create that picture perfect moment, but how and when should you do the mountain wedding proposal:

Step 1: Find the Perfect Location

Obviously there are hundreds of gorgeous mountains around the world, but we’ll admit we’re bias and suggest that there’s no finer backdrop than the French Alps.

With the beautiful surroundings of Meribel or Courchevel, a stay in a luxury chalet, a great breakfast to fuel your day, hitting the pistes, before getting to the proposal just as the sun starts setting.

Even James Bond would find it hard to top that for making someone feel weak at the knees.

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Step 2: Plan When to Propose

Before proposing on a mountain can be a reality you’ll definitely have to put the time in and plan your day.

You’ll need to make sure that you can get her alone at your stunning mountainside without raising suspicions. One way of doing this is to explain beforehand that you want to spend one day together just the two of you, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

You’ll also have to do some research on the day by checking the local weather report out, or downloading a dedicated app that will tell you exactly what you want to know. It’s imperative that bad weather doesn’t rain on your special moment, and if things aren’t looking too promising it’s worth considering a change of day for popping the question.

Also, getting your hands on a map of the area that you’re looking to propose in would be recommended, as you don’t want to be relying on your phone’s GPS signal at the wrong moment. Running out of signal is sometimes unavoidable, so it’s always best to be safe and know your route before you set off. Don’t forget the camera either, as your loved one will probably be eager for some pictures to be taken.

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Step 3: How to Propose

When you finally arrive you can choose whether to be low key or pull off something slightly more memorable, like writing “Will you marry me” in the snow and being on one knee when she turns around. Logistically this might be very hard to time, but if you can pull it off then you’ll really end up looking like a smooth operator.

For a more low key affair, being down on one knee after she turns around from looking at the stunning views will be just perfect, as long as she says yes of course!

The final ingredient in this romantic day? Having a luxury ski chalet in Meribel or Courchevel that you can go back to and finish off a wonderful holiday. Check the availability of our luxury ski chalets here at Alpine Infusion and then start planning your proposal on a stunning mountainside.

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