Luxury Christmas Ski Holidays – Five Essential Boxes to Tick

11th December 2015

The countdown has officially begun to the annual exodus to the slopes, as thousands of Brits head out to lap up the luxury in France’s winter sports capital. Nevertheless, while it’s largely impossible to head out to somewhere like Meribel and not have a truly outstanding time, actually putting together the perfect luxury Christmas ski trip is something else entirely.

So whether you’ve already reserved your luxury catered chalets in France or are still to confirm your plans, here is a quick look at the five most important boxes to tick when it comes to the pursuit of pure perfection:

A Roaring Open Fire

First of all, there’s really nothing that encapsulates the warmth and wonder of this incredible time of year than a roaring open fire. This is something you’d usually find as standard in so many of the luxury ski chalets the 3 Valleys plays host to, but it’s the kind of thing you might want to check and confirm before you book. Rest assured that when it comes to both relaxing evenings and magical mornings, an open fire is the kind of thing that simply never loses its festive charm.

A Hot Tub With a View

It’s of course nice enough to have your own private hot tub, but a hot tub with a view really does take things to the next level and beyond. There are so many luxurious chalets and apartments across the 3 Valleys right now that boast the kinds of strategically located hot tubs that you could easily spend a week in doing absolutely nothing. Whether it’s sipping champagne under the stars or taking a well-deserved break after breakfast, you will never tire of having your own stunning hot tub with an even more stunning view all around.

The Dining Experience of a Lifetime

Also essential as part of your luxury Christmas trip is the dining experience of a lifetime. This could be done in one of two ways – book with a private chalet company in Meribel and have fine dining delights brought right into your accommodation, or head out into town and sample the most incredible Michelin Star menus on the face of the earth. But then again, assuming you’re going to be in town for more than a night or two, why not do both?

A High-Energy New Year’s Eve

It might be tempting to spend New Year’s Eve all wrapped up and cosy in your own private chalet, but it would nonetheless be something of a shame not to check out personally the incredible New Year’s Eve nightlife across the Three Valleys. You don’t necessarily have to stay out until daybreak if it’s not your scene, but when it comes to high energy revelry and the kinds of parties to remember for a lifetime, nowhere does it better than here.

That Perfect January Drive

Last but not least, when the dust settles on January 1st and the time comes to blow the cobwebs away, there’s really no better way of making it happen that the wheel of your own breathtaking supercar. Even if it’s just for a day or two, you really shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to take in the incredible sites and scenery of the local area from behind the wheel of the kind of car only the privileged few will ever get to take control of.

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