The Intelligent Chalet – Ski Lodgings of Tomorrow

19th April 2016

Ski Chalets in the Future

While it’s fair to say that the Internet has already revolutionised the way we approach winter sports, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to come. The reason being that while there’s a world of information and technological conveniences out there for the taking, the dawn of intelligent technology is only just beginning! In years to come ski chalets in the future could look a lot different to what we know now.

Imagine if you will a luxury ski chalet in France that could pre-empt your needs and desires, before you yourself even knew what you wanted. A home from home that plays an active role in ensuring you get the very best out of every minute of your trip. The ‘Internet of things’ is already making its mark on everyday life, but what’s to come is truly remarkable.

The Intelligent Ski Chalet

In ski chalets in the future, integrated technology will monitor prevailing weather conditions, track lift and piste congestion, analyse snow quality and deliver intelligent suggestions based on all such data. Imagine this: by the time you wake in a Meribel catered ski chalet you could already have all the information and recommended itineraries you could ever wish for – including clothing and equipment suggestions for the day.

Even more incredibly, it will be perfectly possible for the home of future to take comprehensive reading of all key vital signs, in order to track and monitor personal health and performance. From recommended warm-ups to dietary advice to ideal runs and more, all such information will be readily available and provided automatically in the intelligent ski chalet.

It will also no longer be necessary to select appropriate equipment manually. 3D scanners will take into account the exact dimensions of your body, cross reference this information with data regarding your abilities and both determine and arrange for the ideal equipment to be brought to your door. There will also be huge advances in the kind of technology brought to the slopes to reduce accidents and injuries.

Complete Convenience

In years to come, private chalets in the 3 Valleys will feature the kind of intelligent conveniences and entertainment technology that’s almost beyond imagination today. In the kitchen for example, worktops will double-up as seamless touchscreens, presenting high-end recipes in accordance with the exact ingredients you have on-hand at the time. Intelligent cooking equipment will make it impossible to go wrong when preparing meals of restaurant quality, while refrigerator and store-cupboard essentials will be automatically reordered as and when required.

Robotic cleaning and housekeeping appliances will make standard domestic duties a thing of the past, while virtual personal assistance will play the role of personal trainer, local expert and professional cooking tutor all at the same time. Artificial intelligence will provide kids with the kind of entertainment that seems science-fiction by today’s standard – full 3D immersion, holograms and the assistance of virtual child-minders. The way you look at a ski chalet in the 3 Valleys would completely change!

Of course, those who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way will always have the option of opting out of such technological conveniences. But for those who’d prefer to enhance and optimise every element of their trip for pure enjoyment, it’s a future to look forward to! In the meantime you can take a look at our selection of luxury ski chalets in the 3 Valleys and book your stay today.

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