Alpine Infusion Guide To Corporate Ski Trips

25th February 2016

Corporate Ski Trips to Luxury Chalets in France

There’s no disputing the fact that a luxury ski chalet in France can make the perfect setting for a corporate getaway. Whether it’s a team-building trip, a well-deserved reward or an opportunity to win over new clients, luxury chalet companies really do serve up all that’s needed for incredible short breaks. Nevertheless, there will always be certain unique considerations and complications when it comes to organising these kinds of corporate ski trips. What follows therefore is a brief introductory guide from the experts at Alpine Infusion, on how to ensure your corporate ski trip is every bit the stellar success story:

1 – Resort Choice

When it comes to choosing your ideal resort, it’s a case of striking a careful balance between ensuring there is plenty happening, but at the same time ensuring there isn’t too much happening. Corporate ski trips generally involve spending a good deal of time together as a group, which is why along with ensuring the resort you choose isn’t a snooze-fest, it’s also good idea to ensure it isn’t overloaded with distractions and general chaos.

2 – Accommodation

In the true group spirit, it is always worth considering high quality shared accommodation for your corporate ski trips, rather than simply booking a string of standard hotel rooms. The most idyllic and wonderfully private luxury chalets the Three Valleys have to offer can make the most outstanding settings for corporate vacations, while at the same time delivering truly excellent value for money.

3 – Timing

If possible, it is definitely worth considering organising the corporate ski trips to take place during an off peak period. This is of course exactly the same kind of advice that should be heeded when organising any kind of group ski trip, but it’s one that has even greater significance when it comes to corporate trips. The very early season or end of season periods can be ideal.

4 – Ability Levels

As this is to be a trip that is all about team spirit and generally coming together, you really don’t want to run the risk of any member or members of the group feeling somewhat left out and alienated. Nevertheless, this is exactly what might occur if some of the group have absolutely no skiing experience whatsoever and others are knocking on the door of professional territory. Ensure that all ability levels are catered to without exception.

5 – Pre-Trip Practice

If necessary, it can be extremely enjoyable to get the entire group together in advance of the trip itself for one or more practice sessions at your closest indoor ski centre. This way, there will be less awkwardness and embarrassment for those hitting the slopes for the first time upon arrival at your chosen destination.

6 – Après Ski

Assuming you plan to visit a reasonably popular resort, you might want to think about making the necessary arrangements for group après ski activities in advance. Whether it’s booking tables for group dinners or arranging activities/excursions for the group to take part in together, it is always advisable to make such arrangements in advance.

7 – Experienced Service Providers

Last but not least, when looking to arrange the best possible corporate ski trip it simply makes sense to work exclusively with service providers that have plenty of experience in these very specific types of trips. It is always worth seeking the input of the professionals before going ahead, as there may be incredible group activities and opportunities available that would otherwise have been overlooked.

With so many fantastic ski runs in the 3 Valleys it’s no surprise that plenty of corporate ski trips are arranged here, and it definitely makes for the trip of a lifetime. If you’re interested in booking yours today then check out the availability of our luxury chalets in Courchevel and Meribel.

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