The Most Exciting Activities in the Three Valleys this Summer

15th June 2017

Isn’t it hot out here? It seems that summer has finally arrived in Meribel and we cannot wait for all the activities that we can do over the coming months! Winter season was exhilarating but now it’s time to greet the sun with some summer activities! So, put your sunglasses on, put on your summer outfit and get ready to try out all of these in the Three Valleys this year.


Maybe not the most exciting activity of all but if you want to relax, spend time with family and friends whilst enjoying the beautiful views that Meribel has to offer, then golf is a great way to do it. Because of the altitude up here, the ball will fly even further than the normal golf course, which makes it even more fun for all you golf-lovers out there! Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you are sure to enjoy the open space and the summer heat.

Walking / Hiking

Everywhere you look you’ll see beautiful scenery – walking or hiking is a perfect way to become one with the nature and immerse yourself in Meribel’s stunning mountain views! There are a variety of hiking trails that you can explore, but the most popular trail is Vanoise National Park because of its amazing wildlife, rich history, picnic views and above all – Instagram worthy photos. Why not take a walk here and make your friends jealous?

Hot Air Balloon

Alright, alright – so, it seems like we’re always talking about Meribel’s picturesque views, but it’s true! One of the many great points about Meribel is the scenery! Especially when you go on a hot air balloon to see every angle of the Three Valleys from above. A hot air balloon is a truly breathtaking way to see Meribel at its finest.

Helicopter Tours

If you want something a little bit more exciting than a hot air balloon, then perhaps a helicopter tour may be for you? With a helicopter, you will be able to fly over the stunning mountains, forest and hidden areas of the Three Valleys that a hot air balloon wouldn’t be able to reach. Treat yourself and book a helicopter tour in the Three Valleys this summer.

White Water Rafting

For thrill junkies, white water rafting is an exciting activity that you can do with friends and family. With a trained instructor, you’ll be going down the River Isere, which is sure to get the blood pumping! This thrilling activity is definitely something to attempt if you’re a fan of water sports.

Mountain Biking

Accredited by the French Federation of Cycling in 1998, Meribel surrounds you with amazing biking trails, nearly 100km of them! That’s more than enough for you to enjoy your ultimate mountain bike ride! With blue skies above and your wheels underneath you, it’s impossible not to enjoy the mountain bike trails that appear every year when the snow melts away.


It’s just like flying – but not really. For paragliding, you will be attached to a parachute while flying above Meribel and taking in the amazing views. It’s a perfect fit for those of you seeking an adrenaline rush, and for those who are ready to conquer their fear of heights! Any dare devils out there?

three valleys summer activities

Via Ferrata

A little different to rock climbing, here you’ll be getting help from bridges, ladders and steps whilst wearing helmets and safety equipment. You will be following the trails of marked paths during this mountain climbing experience, showing you Meribel in a whole new light.

So there you have it, the activities you need to try when you visit the Three Valleys this summer. Now all you need to do is book your luxury accommodation and start packing your bags for your luxury holiday.

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