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Essential Items For Your Pre-Season Shopping List

19th October 2018

Getting ready for the next ski season is always a thrilling time, but it’s not without its stressful moments. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or this is your first trip, it’s easy to leave something out of your suitcase when you have a lot on your plate.

We’ve taken care of your shopping list with everything you’ll need for an unforgettable ski chalet holiday so you can focus on the more exciting parts.

Here’s our list of essential items for your pre-season shopping list:

What Clothes To Bring?

From high performing ski jackets to elegant evening wear, we’ve broken down the clothes you’ll need on your holiday into sections to make it easier to pack.

The Base Layer

Although hidden under your outer layers, a dependable base layer is essential to keep your skin warm and dry whilst out on the slopes. Opt for close fitting pieces in a synthetic, breathable fabric with optimal temperature regulating properties.

The Mid Layer

Mid layers are a great way of adjusting your temperature depending on the weather and how hard you’ve been hitting the slopes. You can afford to be more particular when it comes to fashion here as your midlayer is more likely to be seen. Your mid layer can take the form of a T-shirt, fleece or sweatshirt from your favourite ski brand.

Ski Jacket

Here’s where things get more technical. A good ski jacket is fundamental when it comes to your comfort on the slopes. The main factors to consider when choosing a jacket are breathability and water resistance. Look for jackets with a high collar to protect from wind and an interior, insulated pocket to keep your phone safe and dry.

Helly Hanson offers a wide range of ski jackets made from advanced technical performance fabrics which offer practicality and style.

Ski Trousers

A relaxed fit is important when choosing the right ski trousers to allow yourself maximum flexibility. Quality insulation and fully sealed seams are also a good idea to keep your legs dry all day.


Keeping your feet warm and dry is vital when skiing for long periods of time and nothing ruins a day on the slopes like uncomfortable blisters. We recommend merino wool blends for maximum softness.

Keeping Your Fingers Warm

To avoid numb fingers, go for a glove with lightweight insulation, inner cuffs to escape the wind and excellent water resistant qualities. Some ski gloves now have touchscreen technology at the fingertips so you can use your phone without braving the cold.

If you really suffer from the cold, it might be worth bringing some hand and boot warmers. You can buy easy, disposable chemical hand warmers for a quick fix, or be an eco-friendly skier and opt for a rechargeable one.

The Perfect Hat

Finding a hat that works on and off the slopes can be tricky. Go for something in wool or fleece to keep in warmth and pick a colour that works with your ski jacket. Whether it’s a beanie, pom pom or a headband, your choice of head gear is your chance to inject a little piece of your signature style into your outfit.

Top Quality Eye Protection

Ski goggles have made major developments in terms of technology and performance of recent. The very best goggles feature multiple lenses for sunny and stormy days, frameless lenses for unadulterated views, and air vents to counteract fogging.

An Apres-Ski Wardrobe

For guests at our luxury ski chalets, it isn’t all about skiing. Evening entertainment with family and friends forms a big part of the experience and you will be needing a glamorous wardrobe to match. Apres-ski can be what you make of it, whether you are slipping into an evening gown or hunkering down in jeans and a cosy knit, any occasion can be catered for.

A Swimsuit for the Pool

Slipping into warm, bubbly water is the perfect way to soothe sore legs after a tiring day on the slopes. Make the most of the swimming pool, hot tub and sauna in your luxury chalet for some well deserved pampering time.

Get Sweaty in Your Gym Kit

If a day tearing down the mountain isn’t quite enough exercise for some, true gym bunnies might want to bring a gym kit to use the state-of-the-art gym in their ski chalet.

What About Ski Equipment ?

If you already have your own ski equipment you don’t need to worry. However, transporting your skis and negotiating baggage restrictions can be a major hassle.

To avoid this unnecessary stress, or if you are new to skiing, we can book your ski equipment so it’s all ready to go on arrival at your ski resort.

The Extras

The extras are easily forgotten – but they’re important!

Hardworking Sun Protection

We’re all aware of how important sun protection is for our skin, and nowhere is it more important than on the mountain. While in the past, sun cream for your face proved sticky and greasy, there are now plenty of high-end options that feel just like a regular face cream. Go for a water resistant cream with high SPF and UV protection for all-round protection.

A Waterproof Camera

To ensure your luxury ski holiday is truly unforgettable, pack a wearable, waterproof camera to capture great memories on and off the pistes. The newest cameras are feather light with image stabilisation for quality videos over any terrain. It’s recommended that beginners getting to grips with skiing start with a camera mounted to their helmet, while intermediates can progress to a chest harness for hands free filming.

Once you have ticked everything off this list, you should have all you need for a magical ski season. Now all that’s left to do is book a luxury ski chalet and relax knowing everything else is taken care of.

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