End of Season Ski Maintenance: A How-to Guide

4th May 2018

If you love your skis, you need to know how to look after them properly.

Anyone who owns their own equipment knows that ski maintenance goes hand in hand with getting the most out of the slopes.

Looking after your skis is particularly important at the end of the season!

Before putting away your skis for the year, there are a few maintenance steps to remember. If you’re not sure how it’s done, here’s our how-to guide.

How to Look After Your Skis

There’s an art to taking care of your skis!

While it can sound like a mundane task, it will see you performing better on the slopes next season.

Not sure how it’s done? Here’s a handy guide:

Clean All Equipment Thoroughly

Before taking any other action, ensure all equipment is clean and dry.

Skis can be washed using a cloth, but for more stubborn dirt, try using a hose. Ensure you’ve left them out to dry overnight!

How to Tune Skis

What is ski tuning?

Ski tuning another way of saying ‘sharpening’.

It’s as simple as that!

If you’re keen to improve your performance on the slopes, don’t skip the ski tuning process.  The Three Valleys is home to some exhilarating ski runs, so for those who want to make the most of them, ensure your skis have been sharpened.

It’s possible to sharpen skis at home! Here’s how it’s done:

Use ski securing vices to make the process easier
To remove dents from the edges with a gummy stone, as leaving them over summer can cause long-term damage to your skis
Avoid going back and forth, instead, go from one end to the other in a smooth motion
When it comes to the sides of your skis, masking tape is useful for preventing dust from getting in to the bindings
Using the gummy stone at an angle can help you get a better finish!

For the best results, do this as often as possible!

How to Wax Skis

Waxing skis is another necessary part of the end of season maintenance process.

For those who want to go faster on the pistes, this step is an important one. You can wax your skis as often as you like, but it’s particularly important at the end of the season!

White ‘scratches’ on your skis are clear signs that you need to wax them. While the process requires some ski waxing tools, it’s easy enough to do at home. Here’s how:

Remove old ski wax, using a ski wax brush
Apply a new layer of ski wax. Hold a piece of wax to the iron, letting it drip onto the base. Use more than may seem necessary, as your skis aren’t going to be used for a long time! They will absorb the wax over time
Iron the wax. Keep the iron moving, avoiding going back and forth as with ski tuning
Let your skis rest for two hours

The Benefits of Taking Care of Your Skis

Ski maintenance has many benefits.

Tuning and waxing your skis help give you a greater speed and the ability to tackle hard-packed snow. So, particularly if you’re a fan of going off-piste, make sure maintain your skis regularly.

But, more importantly, maintaining your skis makes you safer for others around you. The process gives you more control, making falls less likely and stopping much easier.

If this wasn’t enough, ski maintenance also helps your skis last longer! Taking care of them properly is essential for ensuring their longevity.

So, if you want to become a better skier, don’t forget to look after your equipment. The process will seem worth it when you’re performing better on the slopes!

Looking After Your Ski Boots

Ski boots are often a forgotten part of the ski maintenance process. But, it’s important to look after them also!

Before storing them away, ensure they are clean and dry. Also, make sure you close all bindings. If not, they can be more difficult to close next time you want to wear them.

Ski Storage Tips

When it comes to storing skis, there are a few important tips to remember:

Close all bindings
Put them together base to base
Cover them with a cloth or ski bag

Even when the snow melts and you’ve packed away your skis for the year, the Three Valleys has a lot to offer. In fact, it makes the perfect summer holiday destination, boasting a range of exciting activities and a family-friendly atmosphere. Tempted? Find out more about Méribel in summer here.


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