Best Mountain Biking in the Three Valleys

17th July 2017

When the snow melts in the Three Valleys, the fun doesn’t have to stop! There’s an array of amazing activities and some of the world’s best mountain biking trails appear and that’s how you know summer has really arrived in the French Alps. Nature-lovers, experienced bikers and even pure beginners can enjoy all levels of mountain biking trails, no matter where you are in the Three Valleys. Below we talk you through some of the best mountain biking in the Three Valleys if you’re interested in traversing the mountains on two wheels this summer.


Approved by the French Federation of Cycling, Courchevel is one of the best locations in the Alps for mountain biking, whatever level you’re at. The trails are marked green, blue, red and black, with each one signifying the level of difficulty you can expect (green being the easiest, with black at the other end of the spectrum). Despite the difference in difficulty, they all offer an abundance of scenic views, so if you get a spare five minutes to take it all in you will certainly enjoy every moment of it.

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Similar to Courchevel, Meribel offers huge potential to mountain biking fans, with a huge area that you can call your playground. The trails are made for bikers of all skill levels, and there are plenty of different ones to try out, such as downhill, freeride and fire roads. Not to mention it’s also accredited by the French Federation of Cycling, So, why not take a ride today?

Les Menuires

Once dubbed the ugly duckling of European ski resorts, Les Menuires has matured into a great Three Valleys resort with good links to Meribel. In the summer the mountain biking is also a great experience, including trail tracks with gliding sensations that can be just as smooth as skiing! With open, naturistic views, there’s certainly a lot to enjoy about the calm and tranquil atmosphere that Les Menuires has to offer.

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Val Thorens

The highest ski resort in Europe, Val Thorens sits 2300 metres above sea level. Nestled atop the French Alps, it is the ultimate playground for winter sports. Not only that, when the snow melts away there are 120km of mountain biking trails to test your abilities on. Weaving through the Vallee des Belleville and its crests, you’ll be going along the river bank, passed villages, along ridges and down mountain slopes. A delightful experience for everyone who loves their alpine biking.

St Martin de Belleville

If you’re hoping to experience some calm, peaceful surroundings – St Martin de Belleville is perfect for you. St Martin de Belleville offers a beautiful atmosphere for outdoor adventures, and there are plenty of trails to get to grips with. As a bonus the likes of Chamonix, Aix Les Bains and Annecy are just a day trip away from St Martin, so why not explore these historic towns on your day off?

Now you know the five must-ride mountain bike trails in the Three Valleys, it’s time to get over here to experience them for yourself. Check the availability of our luxury ski chalets in Meribel and Courchevel and make your booking today.

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