10 Things You Might Not Know About Meribel

1st December 2015

Thinking of hiring a luxury ski chalet in Meribel this season? Interested in finding out a little more about the place before you head off?

Well, feast your eyes on these – a lavish serving of 10 things you probably never knew about Meribel:

1 – All Credit to Scotland

First up, it was actually a Scotsman by the name of Colonel Peter Lindsay who founded Meribel back in 1936. The Nazi regime was making life impossible in Austria and Germany, so he set about establishing a new centre for winter sports in France.

2 – Getting High

One of the most appealing things about Meribel is the way in which fantastic snow is almost guaranteed. More than 85% of the resort is situated at least 1,800 metres above sea level, making for ideal conditions.

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3 – Heavy Machinery

Keeping things in pristine condition take serious effort and the use of some serious machinery. Every night, more than 80 piste grooming machines take to the slopes of the Three Valleys to smooth things over, while no less than 2,000 snow cannons do their business day and night.

4 – The World’s Largest

In terms of overall size, Meribel sits right at the heart of the Three Valleys which is no less than the single biggest ski area in the entire world. In fact, the total ski area is four times larger than Paris!

5 – Care and Comfort

Meribel also benefits from the extensive lift and transportation system of the Three Valleys, which is considered to be the most comfortable and modern in the world.

6 – Ski Safely

Meribel has a global reputation for being one of the world’s safest places to ski, boasting not only outstanding ski lift technology and beautifully safe runs, but also exceptionally fast and capable rescue/emergency services.

7 – Safe, carefree skiing

The 3 Valleys is one of the safest ski areas in the world, offering the very latest technology when it comes to both ski lifts and ski slopes (preventative avalanche triggering, marking of runs, extremely fast piste rescue services).

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8 – Big Ambitions

There was once a plan to connect the Three Valley with Paradiski (Les Arcs, La Plagne) and Espace Killy (Val-d’Isère and Tignes), which would have created a ski area on a scale the likes of which is almost impossible to imagine. The plans were however abandoned when the Vanoise National Park was established.

9 – Little England

The Ski Club of Great Britain often refers to Meribel as ‘Little England on the Alps’ as no less than 37% of all annual visitors originate from the United Kingdom.

10 – Wallet Friendly

Last but not least, Meribel can also be a surprisingly budget-friendly ski destination and isn’t only about unbridled luxury. There are plenty of outstanding Meribel chalet companies on the market that cater to visitors with lower budgets, though it is, of course, the opulent luxury ski chalets Meribel in the village that tend to lap up the most attention.

Photo source: ©JM Gouedard

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