The Most Exciting Activities in the Three Valleys this Summer

Isn’t it hot out here? It seems that summer has finally arrived in Meribel and we cannot wait for all the activities that we can do over the coming months! Winter season was exhilarating but now it’s time to greet the sun with some summer activities! So, put your sunglasses on, put on your summer outfit and get ready to try out all of these in the Three Valleys this year.


Maybe not the most exciting activity of all but if you want to relax, spend time with family and friends whilst enjoying the beautiful views that Meribel has to offer, then golf is a great way to do it. Because of the altitude up here, the ball will fly even further than the normal golf course, which makes it even more fun for all you golf-lovers out there! Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you are sure to enjoy the open space and the summer heat.

Walking / Hiking

Everywhere you look you’ll see beautiful scenery – walking or hiking is a perfect way to become one with the nature and immerse yourself in Meribel’s stunning mountain views! There are a variety of hiking trails that you can explore, but the most popular trail is Vanoise National Park because of its amazing wildlife, rich history, picnic views and above all – Instagram worthy photos. Why not take a walk here and make your friends jealous?

Hot Air Balloon

Alright, alright – so, it seems like we’re always talking about Meribel’s picturesque views, but it’s true! One of the many great points about Meribel is the scenery! Especially when you go on a hot air balloon to see every angle of the Three Valleys from above. A hot air balloon is a truly breathtaking way to see Meribel at its finest.


Helicopter Tours

If you want something a little bit more exciting than a hot air balloon, then perhaps a helicopter tour may be for you? With a helicopter, you will be able to fly over the stunning mountains, forest and hidden areas of the Three Valleys that a hot air balloon wouldn’t be able to reach. Treat yourself and book a helicopter tour in the Three Valleys this summer.

White Water Rafting

For thrill junkies, white water rafting is an exciting activity that you can do with friends and family. With a trained instructor, you’ll be going down the River Isere, which is sure to get the blood pumping! This thrilling activity is definitely something to attempt if you’re a fan of water sports.

Mountain Biking

Accredited by the French Federation of Cycling in 1998, Meribel surrounds you with amazing biking trails, nearly 100km of them! That’s more than enough for you to enjoy your ultimate mountain bike ride! With blue skies above and your wheels underneath you, it’s impossible not to enjoy the mountain bike trails that appear every year when the snow melts away.


It’s just like flying – but not really. For paragliding, you will be attached to a parachute while flying above Meribel and taking in the amazing views. It’s a perfect fit for those of you seeking an adrenaline rush, and for those who are ready to conquer their fear of heights! Any dare devils out there?


Via Ferrata

A little different to rock climbing, here you’ll be getting help from bridges, ladders and steps whilst wearing helmets and safety equipment. You will be following the trails of marked paths during this mountain climbing experience, showing you Meribel in a whole new light.

So there you have it, the activities you need to try when you visit the Three Valleys this summer. Now all you need to do is book your luxury accommodation and start packing your bags for your luxury holiday.

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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Events in Meribel & Courchevel

The snow has melted away, and the Three Valleys winter season has drawn to a close once again. While there’s no doubt we can’t wait until next season for the pistes to be full of skiers again, we have to admit we do greatly enjoy the summer months here in the French Alps. That’s because there are a huge range of fantastic events to get involved with when the sun comes out, from music festivals to mountain biking, and even the famous Meribel air show!

With so many events coming up we thought we’d bring you a list of everything you need to know about, all on one handy page. Make sure you get these in your calendar if you’re visiting the Three Valleys this summer!

Red Bull 400 – Sat 10th June – Courchevel

Running 400 metres as fast as possible might sound simple, but add in the fact that you have to do it over a gradient of up to 36° and you suddenly realise how tough it can be! This is the first time a Red Bull 400 has been held in France, and 400 participants will be getting involved.

Fete de la Musique – Weds 21st June – Meribel

fete music concert

During every summer solstice the Fete de la Musique is held across France, and it usually covers every type of music you can imagine. From local bands just starting out, club DJs and even professional musicians, you’ll find them all here.

Horse Fair – Sat 1st July – Courchevel

Get down to Courchevel Le Praz to enjoy a day dedicated to horses. Kids will love the pony rides and bouncy castle!

Electric Mountain Bike Week – Mon 3rd-Fri 7th July – Meribel

During the first week of July you can try out the electric mountain bikes in Meribel. You can choose to take the bike out for a spin, or beginners can even wait to go with a guide in the afternoon.

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Jazz Festival– Thurs 6th July – Brides Les Bains

Music lovers need to make their way to Brides Les Bains on the 6th July. Expect jazz concerts with a host of programme full of local and international talent, all for free!

Three Valleys Addict Tour – Sat 8th-Sun 9th July – Meribel

3 valleys addict tour

If you’re a fan of mountain biking then you can’t miss the Three Valleys Addict Tour. On Saturday it’s all about the ‘Free Bike’, where you ride for fun or you can get timed if you want to test your skills. There’s also the small matter of the ‘Hannibal Race’, where teams of up to 4 people race on a course of 2-3km. On Sunday there’s the ‘Free Rando Tour’, with 84km of terrain to bike across. Get involved!

The Big Experience Festival – Fri 14th– Sun 16th July – Courchevel

Sport and the mountains are combined like never before during the Big Experience Festival. It’s aimed at 8-16 year olds and features a whole host of different challenges & activities.

Bastille Day – Fri 15th July – Meribel

Bastille Day is a French national holiday that’s celebrated with plenty of fireworks. If you’re in Meribel on the 15th July you’ll be treated to a huge firework display and various activities.

Bike Park Competition – Sat 15th – Sun 16th July – Meribel

bike park competition meribel

With 12 different challenges over two days, this is the event for mountain bikers to truly test their abilities. Get involved on the Saturday from 2pm and you’ll be greeted from last year’s winners, a photo call, live music and a BBQ.

Savoy Music Festival – Weds 19th July – Courchevel

During the Savoy Music Festival, the conductor of the Savoie Orchestra will continue to compare music & composers, enlightening the audience with a wonderful performance.

Cyclo Meribel 2017 – Wed 19th July – Meribel

Anyone who shares a passion for cycling (and has the stamina!) is invited to participate in the Cyclo Meribel 2017, organised by the association Velo Club de Meribel. You’ll bike 9.5km and climb all the way from Les Allues to Meribel Altiport.

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La Madelon Fair– Sat 22nd – Sun 23rd July – Courchevel

This popular village fair takes place by the lake and in the streets, and you’ll get to experience the local craft market, a funfair and many other activities. It’s also a great way of meeting the locals!

Pyro Symphonie Live – Tues 25th July – Courchevel

One of our favourite events here in the Three Valleys. Pyro Symphonie Live is a symphonic concert with fireworks by the lake. You haven’t seen fireworks until you’ve seen them set to atmospheric music like this!

Meribel Air Show – Mon 24th– Fri 28th July

You simply can’t miss the Meribel Air Show if you’re in the Three Valleys this summer. Over five days you’ll witness superb aerial stunts from pilots who have flown in the Red Bull Air Race. You’ll also get to see 40 aircraft on the ground, such as modern planes and helicopters. This event is totally free so you have no excuse not to go!

Courchevel X-Trail – Sat 5th– Sun 6th August – Courchevel

Head to the magnificent Vanoise National Park for the Courchevel X-Trail, with two days of entertainment. Ski jumping demonstrations, canoeing, inflatable play equipment and much more will be on the agenda.

Vertical Kilometre – Tues 8th August – Meribel

Can you get to the top of a 1km ascent in the fastest time possible? Then you might want to sign up to the Vertical Kilometre! Last year’s winning times were 35 minutes for the men and 47 minutes for the women.

Ski Jumping World Cup – Fri 11th – Sat 12th August – Courchevel

This big sports meeting is one of the major events of the summer, showcasing the spectacular sport of ski-jumping. Get to see the world’s best jumpers competing on the 132 and 96 metre ski jumps.

Meribel Trail – Sat 12th– Sun 13th August – Meribel

Trail runners of all abilities are invited to this two day event, and there are six different races to compete across. There will even be an awards ceremony in the afternoon to congratulate the winners.

Frappadingue Alp X’Trem – Sat 19th – Sun 20th August – Courchevel

courchevel frappadingue x'trem alps summer race

This extreme obstacle course is one of the wackiest events in the Three Valleys! Around 5500 people tackle the course every year, tackling 40 obstacles spread out over 12km.

As you can see there are so many different events to enjoy in the Three Valleys this summer, the fun never stops! After adding these into your calendar you just need to book your luxury accommodation. A selection of our Meribel chalets are available to book in the summer months so get in touch to find out more.

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Six lessons in Skiing and Leadership

skiing three valleys france

As both a ski instructor and an executive coach, I am always on the lookout for lessons in the domain of skiing that can be transferred to leadership and vice versa. The act of utilising a lesson from one domain and transferring it to another is sometimes called “lateral learning”. Leveraging lessons in this way can speed skill acquisition in the new domain and often strengthens the lesson in the original domain.

We are all leaders either formally (e.g. executive in a corporation) or informally (e.g. a parent). Below are six lessons that I’ve found to be true in skiing and in leadership, or life for that matter.

Be present

Our best performances happen when we’re focused and in the present moment. I recommend taking time on a ski lift or at the top of a run to plan and anticipate what lies ahead. Then reflecting on a run at the bottom or back on the lift. This allows us to “get out of our heads” while we are skiing, and just ski! When we lead, it is important to visualise the future, create objectives, make plans, prepare for obstacles, etc. It is also valuable to reflect on what has been going well and what can be improved. Then, the rest of our efforts can be connecting and conversing as leaders in the here and now.

You are what you practice

Another way of saying this is that we are always practicing. Often in ski lessons I encourage students to use the easy runs, connector trails, or traverses as an occasion to practice fundamentals. An example of this is having students execute “railroad track turns” on all runs that would otherwise be boring. This practice can then translate directly to edging skills on more difficult terrain. I like to think about a ski turn being the least common denominator of skiing and that I am working to improve each turn I make. Leaders are served by viewing each and every interaction as an opportunity to lead. How a single interaction goes is directly connected to the next. This way, we are what we practice.

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Investigate your fear

Acknowledge your fears, evaluate them, learn from them, feel them fully, and then choose wisely. When working with students who are afraid I often ask them what they are afraid of. An example answer from a lower level lessons is: “I am afraid that I will lose control and run into someone or something.” Now that I know what s/he is afraid of we can look at it rationally. I explain to the student how the terrain I am taking them to, and how I will manage the class, will minimise the probability of this happening. I also ask them to describe how the fear feels in their body. This awareness often reduces the fear to a more manageable emotion. After the student has explored the particular fear I will follow up and see how s/he is doing. Often the fear is reduced enough to proceed. If it is not, I will change my plans accordingly. A popular question to ask leaders is “what keeps you up at night?” This is a way of understanding the fears of a leader. Effective leaders acknowledge what they are worried about, get as accurate as they can about the likelihood of the fear coming true, and then plan accordingly.

three valleys skiing alps

Variety builds adaptability

Skiers who primarily ski on groomed terrain often have a rude awakening when they go off-piste. I like to mix up my skiing such that I have a variety and never get too used to groomers and “hero snow”. Spending time in powder, crud, bumps, etc.. and feeling uncomfortable is really important. Eventually, skiers feel comfortable not feeling comfortable. This is true for leaders as well. Avoiding difficulties as a leader only allows problems to build and make them worse. I coach leaders to take on problems as soon as possible and that it is okay to feel uncomfortable. Leaders wouldn’t be needed if we only lead when it’s easy.

Take on appropriate challenges

Studies in peak performance show that our best performances occur when we are fully engaged with an appropriate challenge. We are neither bored nor are we overly frightened. Skiers who wander into terrain that is considerably more difficult than they are skilled for will often ski defensively, freeze up, and end up having a miserable experience navigating back to safety. On the other hand, many injuries are reported when skiers are on an “easy run” where they are not paying attention. Effective leaders take on new challenges and stretch to assignments that are within their reach yet not over their heads. Leaders in boring jobs often look for new jobs and leaders who are in over their heads often struggle with stress.

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Be attentive and at ease

Another characteristic of peak performance is a way of being that is both ready and relaxed. Overly ready will result in too much tension and hurt performance, while overly relaxed will cause us to be sloppy. Striking a coexistence of both attentiveness and ease will give us a place to operate from that is focused, nimble, and flowing. We have all seen or experienced anxious leaders or leaders who are checked out. Neither extreme is effective. Be both attentive and at ease to be your best.

Now that we are in the off-season, you can take these lessons into your leadership or your day to day life. Following the principles of lateral learning, you will improve you skiing this summer too!

By Roger Henderson

Level 3 Ski Instructor – Professional Ski Instructors of America

Executive Coach – Guiding leaders to be present and naturally achieve surprising sustainable results

Henderson Personal Coaching – Boulder, Colorado – USA


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The Best Skiers of all Time

best alpine skiers downhill skiing

People have been using skis to get across the snow for thousands of years. There are even 10,000-year-old wall paintings in China that suggest the use of skis to traverse snowy conditions. Fast forward to more modern times and you’ll see that skiing started to become a popular activity for recreation and sport around the mid-1800s, and it quickly turned into what we know and love today. This paved the way for world class skiing resorts like Meribel and Courchevel, and now millions of people jet off every year to get on their skis and glide down the mountains.

To celebrate the sport of skiing and provide some inspiration the next time you’re on the slopes, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest skiers to ever do it. Read up on these athletes and get motivated to perform at your best the next time you pull on the skis.

Bode Miller

Bode Miller once said that he doesn’t want to win races so much as to ski as fast as the universe would allow. That seems like as apt a description as there could be for the champion American skier, who leaves everything out there every time he heads out on the slopes. Bode Miller is one of only five men to win world cup races in all of the five disciplines – Super-G, downhill, slalom, giant slalom and combined – which is a testament to his versatility as an athlete.

Alberto Tomba

Alberto Tomba – or ‘Tomba la Bomba’ to his fans – was the skier to beat in the 1980s and 1990s. With three Olympic golds, two World Championships and nine World Cup season titles, it’s safe to say that Alberto Tomba had to have a lot of space on his trophy shelf. A colourful character, Tomba used to hit the headlines for his life off the slopes as much as he did for his achievements on it.

Franz Klammer

Klammer is a former world champion who dominated the downhill event for four consecutive World Cup seasons. Known for his bravery, he often showed death-defying courage to come out on top against the competition. Incredibly, ‘The Kaiser’ was also talented at motor racing, winning a round of the prestigious Euopean Touring Car Championships after his retirement from skiing.

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Marcel Hirscher

Hirscher is the youngest name on this list and for good reason. After bursting into the public eye with his performances in the 2010 Winter Olympics, Hirscher became the most successful male Austrian giant slalom skier and he’s still adding to his collection of winner’s medals. The 28-year-old has won six consecutive World Cup titles, and it looks like he’s still going from strength to strength.

Ingemar Stenmark

Before Zlatan Ibrahimovic, there was Ingemar Stenmark. Regarded as one of the most prominent Swedish sportsmen ever, Stenmark dominated the sport of skiing like no one before him. In fact, the Swede was so dominant that he used to beat the competition by seconds, instead of just hundredths of a second. Controversially, he was never allowed to participate in the 1984 Winter Olympics because he accepted promotional payments directly, instead of through the national ski federation. Still, the legend of Stenmark still burns brightly for skiing fans around the world.

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Lindsey Vonn

Despite suffering from injuries throughout her career, Lindsey Vonn is still the most successful downhill skier ever. With a collection of titles including four World Cup championships and a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics, she’ll go down in history as one of the best to ever do it. Here’s hoping she can put her run of injuries behind her and finish her career like she started it.

We hope you enjoyed our list, and don’t forget to check out all of their highlights to see just why they’re regarded as some of the greatest skiers of all time. If this has provided you with the motivation you needed to get on your favourite piste and emulate these athletes then make sure you treat yourself to only the very best in luxury accommodation. Our ski chalets in Meribel and Courchevel were built to provide the ultimate in skiing indulgence, so make sure you take a look at our availability and make your booking with Alpine Infusion today.

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The Best Social Media Images from the Three Valleys this Winter

The winter season has drawn to a close for another year, and the pistes are growing quiet once again. It’s been an amazing season across the Three Valleys, and even though the snow took its time to arrive there were some truly superb powder days over the last few months. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our guests for joining us this year, and hopefully we’ll see you again very soon!

We’ve also collected our very favourite social media images from the winter season, showing off the stunning surroundings of the Three Valleys. Looking at these it’s no wonder why people keep returning every year to get their fix of skiing and snowboarding adventures. Thanks to everyone who captured these tremendous photos.

three valleys mountains

Credit: @douglas208

scenery three valleys

Credit: @jarlesmartel

snow three valleys

Credit: @laylayoung

snowing three valleys

Credit: @maisonviolette

three valleys skiing

Credit: @missAMYELINOR

three valleys best skiing

Credit: @AdiemFilm

sunset three valleys

Credit: @150dow

If these images have inspired you to join in the fun next year then you have no shortage of options when it comes to luxury ski chalets. We pride ourselves on providing stunning accommodation in the Three Valleys, and our hosts will ensure that you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for fantastic nights out, gorgeous restaurants or a huge range of fun events then you can’t go wrong with a holiday in Meribel or Courchevel. Winter will also be the grand opening of Chalet Serendipity, the latest addition to our luxury accommodation in Meribel, so next season we’ll be welcoming more guests than ever.

Make sure you view the availability of our luxury ski chalets in Meribel and Courchevel and make your booking with Alpine Infusion today.

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The Ultimate Ski Runs in the Three Valleys

meribel skiing three valleys ski runs

With 600km of ski slopes, the Three Valleys is regarded as the largest ski area in the world. Across the entire area there are an estimated 183 ski lifts, 1,920 snow cannons, 76 piste bashers and 1,500 ski instructors, so you have no excuse for not improving your skiing technique! With such a large expanse of land you could come back year after year and still find new ski runs to experiment on, which is why a guide to the very best ones is always helpful. Read on to discover the Three Valleys ski runs that you should be testing your skills on the next time you book your luxury chalet.

Combe de Vallon – Mont Vallon

Mont Vallon towers over the Meribel Valley and it provides the perfect opportunity to cut through the snow at high speeds. With a peak of 2,952 metres you can expect stunning views of the Three Valleys, and surprisingly you can often find it blissfully quiet. This exhilarating red run is not to be missed.

Jerusalem – Saint-Martin de Belleville

This rolling run sits above St Martin, one of the most picturesque villages in the Three Valleys. You can feel like you’re in your own little world as you head down, with no other piste in sight and the odd barn dotted around here and there. Towards the end of Jerusalem you can continue heading to Biolley, which is a blue piste that leads straight into St Martin at the bottom of the valley.

Folières – la Tania

This ski run begins in the forest above la Tania, and it’s regarded as a must for any intermediate to advanced skiers in the Three Valleys. Enjoy the breath-taking views before strapping on your skis and heading down, with a nice, steep gradient that twists itself through the forest. Expect sweeping corners and natural rollers, and it’s not unusual to find fresh powder off to the sides even when there hasn’t been snowfall for a few days.

Eterlou – Meribel

At the top of the Plan De L’Homme chair lift above Meribel you can find Eterlou. Some would say it’s perfectly positioned, high enough to be above base runs and away from the crowds, but low enough to be protected from the weather. This red run starts off gently, before coming into steeper territory and eventually flattening out slightly before the lift. If you’re able to get to Eterlou on a day of powder then prepare for one of the most enjoyable ski runs that you’ll experience on your Three Valleys holiday.

Creux – Courchevel

A sunny, quiet and cheerful red piste, Creux is a great choice for an early morning ski run. You can choose to either work on your short turns and get your technique up to scratch, or you can switch to the other side to enjoy the big, fast carving turns. This classic run is not to be missed.

Boismint – Val Thorens

This red ski run drops down for more than 800 vertical metres, and thankfully it’s wide enough to give you the space needed to carve long terms. Boismint doesn’t feature too many flat sections so you can enjoy an exhilarating run all the way to the bottom. Just make sure you check the grooming report before you head out, as it doesn’t get groomed every day.

These are our favourite ski runs in the Three Valleys, but there are plenty more and you would have to keep coming back to test yourself on all of them. That shouldn’t be a problem though, as you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury ski chalets and 5-star accommodation. If you want to enjoy some of the finest skiing in Europe then take a look at the availability of our luxury chalets in Meribel and Courchevel today.

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These 8 Skiing Tips Will Make You Look Like a Pro

skiing tips meribel courchevel

If you’re planning your first skiing holiday then you might be wondering how you’re going to fair when you arrive on your chosen piste. Skiing is one of the most thrilling activities in the world, but before you can master the art of hurtling down a snowy mountain at full speed you’ll need to get to grips with the technique. We’ve provided you with eight different ways you can give yourself an advantage on the slopes, with skiing tips that’ll have you looking like a pro in no time at all.

Get fit

It might sound like one of the more obvious skiing tips, but you’ll be in a much better position to perform at your best if you’re in good shape before your holiday. If skiing is your first form of exercise for a while then your core and your legs will definitely be burning for the rest of your trip. Skiing uses specific muscle groups that you seldom use, which might provide a bit of a shock to the system. You also need to take the altitude and low temperatures into consideration. One of the best ski specific pieces of training you can perform is plyometrics, which is also known as jump-training.

Get the right skiing gear

If you’re kitted out with old skiing gear that can barely do the job then you’re simply not going to feel comfortable out there. Your boots, skis, helmet and different layers of clothing have to be on point if you’re going to reach your potential on the ski slopes. At Alpine Infusion we offer ski equipment hire so you can have the high quality gear you need waiting in your luxury chalet for you upon your arrival.

Adapt your skiing stance

Many skiers commit the common sin of sitting back in powder. This is due to the deep snow adding extra resistance, so beginner skiers feel like they need to sit back in order to be centred. However in this instance a neutral stance is recommended, with your shoulders over your knees. This will provide more balance and flexibility while you ski, and your joints will be able to adjust much easier as the conditions change.

Watch the pros

Watching the best skiers gliding down the mountain might make you feel jealous at how they got to be so good, but it’s also a great way to learn for yourself. There are countless YouTube clips of expert skiers out there, professionals with strong posture and good balance, and they make great subjects for mimicking. Start watching the skiing technique of the pros to pick up some great skiing tips and really boost your performance.

Conserve your energy

It can be tempting to leave everything out there and ski until you drop, but do this on successive days and you’ll soon regret it. You need to have the energy to perform well, which could mean going easier in between the days where you’re doing the big runs. Never forget that skiing is first and foremost about having fun!

Go with the flow

The first time you get your skis on you’ll probably be surprised at just how fast you can go. Initially it might not seem comfortable, but don’t be afraid to keep going. You need momentum to be able to ski more effectively, and the sooner you get to grips with the speed, the sooner you’ll be performing the more intermediate moves.

Choose your own path

If you’re skiing as a group it can be tempting to ride the same line and path as the person in front. However this will see you losing out on the freshest snow, so use the powder as your playground and set your own path!

Take a few lessons for in-depth skiing tips

You don’t need a skiing lesson to enjoy the slopes, but it’ll definitely be helpful to get the guidance of a trained instructor. A few private lessons, or even as a group, and you’ll be surprised just how much progress you can make with you skiing technique. We have a list of trusted skiing instructors that will help you reach your skiing goals. An instructor will be able to provide in-depth skiing tips, telling you what to work on, and how to make the most of your equipment.

So there you have it, eight skiing tips that’ll set you on the path to becoming a great skier. It’s going to take time, but when you start getting to grips with it you’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have. If you’re eager to try skiing for yourself then make sure you book your luxury ski chalet in Meribel or Courchevel, and get ready to prepare for the holiday of your life.

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The Ultimate Guide to Upcoming Winter Events in Meribel

meribel best events winter 2017

Yet again the Three Valleys is enjoying another wonderful winter, with skiing fanatics flying in from all over the world to sample the delights of Meribel. We’ve had some huge events over the last few months, and big snow days that covered the Three Valleys in beautiful, fresh powder. There’s still plenty to see and do during the rest of the winter season, so we’ve compiled our ultimate guide to the best events in Meribel over the coming weeks. Do not miss these!

Black Forest Sledge Adventure

This themed sledge track goes on for an impressive three kilometres, speeding round 28 corners and descending 470metres in total. Available to ride every day of the week (apart from Saturdays), this sledge adventure places you in a world of wizards, goblins and elves. You even get to choose which helmet to wear, allowing you to become one of the characters. A great treat for adults and kids over 12 years of age.

Meet the Huskies

From February 27th to March 3rd you can meet the Huskies in Meribel. Head over to the inuits Piste from 1pm, where Karine will be demonstrating her ‘musher’ job, before you pet the huskies and even have your photo taken with them. This event is free so there’s no excuse to miss seeing these amazing animals!

Family Fun on the Inuits Piste

Every Monday to Friday during the winter season the family can get involved with all kinds of fun activities on the Inuits Piste. Take part in the fishing mysteries, a village fair and even the ‘Trapper Challenge’! This is definitely the place to be if you’re travelling with kids, and entry is completely free.

Archery/Biathlon Experience

meribel archery biathlon











If you’re after something a bit more adventurous then head over to the Ski Cool beginners area in Meribel Valley, with the chance to try your hand at archery or biathlon. After testing your skills with these sports you can even enjoy a free hot chocolate afterwards. Make sure you get involved on 28th February, 2nd March or 6th March.

Apres Ski at the Ronnie

If live music is your thing then the Ronnie (Rond Point) is definitely the place to be. Every day of the week they have different events and parties going on, so you can get your fix of live entertainment from 5pm until 6-30pm every evening.

‘Thursday Live’ at the Lodge du Village

Carrying on with the live music theme, the Lodge du Village prides itself on hosting the best party every Thursday during the winter season. At 4pm there’s an apres gig, and if you want to party throughout the night then you can attend the 10pm night-time gig.

Piste de L’Himalaya by Night

himalaya by night












Every Thursday in March you can enjoy Meribel by night, with a luge, music, marshmallows and hot drinks. One of the highlights of the Meribel winter season, you can enjoy great views of Meribel and Mottaret as you sledge down the green Himalaya run. Kids under 13 can also go for free if they’re accompanied by an adult.

Throne Room Alps Showcase

If you’re into techno then you need to pencil this one into your diary. Throne Room artist Transcode will be headlining this show on 3rd March, with a supporting line-up that includes Oliver Carloni, Liam Armstrong and James Pickford. Make sure you book your tickets as early as possible for this showcase at O’Sullivans nightclub to avoid disappointment.

Toss the Boss at Lodge du Village

Every Sunday from 10pm at the Lodge du Village you can get involved with Toss the Boss. After buying a round the boss rolls a dice, and if your roll beats theirs then you’ll get to enjoy that round for free. Even if you lose then there’s no need to feel down, as you’ll still be in one of Meribel’s favourite pubs!

Fun-do Sunday

On the 12th March and 9th April you can take in live music while enjoying steak or fondue at La Taverne. With the delicious food it’s no wonder why this is such a popular event, so make sure you get your reservation in soon before it gets booked up.

As you can see there are plenty of events taking place in the coming weeks, and with more snow set to arrive you can definitely make the most of the rest of winter. Take a look at the availability for our luxury chalets in Meribel and make your booking now.

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The Essential Guide to Packing for a Holiday in a Luxury Ski Chalet

packing for luxury ski chalet three valleys

You’ve found the perfect destination in the Three Valleys, you’ve got your luxury ski chalet all booked, now there’s just one thing left to do before jetting off to paradise. Unfortunately, for a lot of holiday goers it’s the worst step of them all, packing! Very few people like to pack and even fewer know exactly what they need to bring when they’re getting ready to go skiing across the stunning surroundings of the French Alps. We’re here to make your lives that little bit easier with an essential guide to packing for your holiday in a luxury ski chalet.

Ski Holiday Items – Clothing

Skiing jacket
Skiing trousers (or salopettes)
Fleece or neck-warmer
Skiing gloves
Skiing socks
Base layers

These are the items you definitely can’t go without when you’re skiing down a scenic, snowy mountain. A good, thick skiing jacket and trousers will help to keep you warm even during the coldest times of the year, and a fleece that you can wear as a mid-layer also helps to keep the heat in. The most important thing is to invest in quality items that won’t let you down as soon as you get to your favourite piste. It’s worth spending more on quality clothes that’ll survive wear & tear, and you’ll be able to take them on a number of different skiing trips.

Essential Gear for your Luxury Holiday

Small rucksack
Water bottle
Sun cream
Lip balm
Plug adaptor

A durable rucksack that you can fit your belongings into, including snacks and water, is ideal for your trip. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting your sunglasses, either, even with all the snow you still get lots of sunlight in Meribel and Courchevel. A good quality skiing helmet will help to keep you safe and there are plenty of options, however we also have some suggestions if you’re after something a bit more hi-tech…

Hi-Tech Skiing Gadgets

Beartek Snowsport Gloves
POC Receptor Bug Helmet
Anker PowerCore+ 20100
GoPro Hero 5
RESQSKI device
Oakley Airwave 1.5 Snow Goggles
Trace tracker
Suunto Ambit Peak GPS Sport Watch

There are plenty of hi-tech skiing gadgets out there, you really are spoilt for choice if you’re looking to make the most of your mountain experience. This includes stunning skiing goggles that have a heads-up display and tell you everything you want to know about your latest run. There’s also the skiing helmet that has Beats by Dre built in, so you can listen to your music through the helmet with no worry about your earphones falling out. If you really want to stand out from the crowd when you’re on the slopes then add a few of these items into your suitcase.

Ski & Snowboard Equipment Hire with Alpine Infusion

Of course the most important items will be your skis, snowboards and boots. If you don’t own these then we offer a ski and snowboard equipment hire service. All you need to do is fill out a form for either Meribel or Courchevel, depending on where you’re staying, and we’ll make sure that your items are waiting in your luxury ski chalet upon your arrival.

As long as you’ve got these items included in your packing list then you’ll be all set for a fantastic trip. If you’re still looking for luxury accommodation then make sure you take a look at the availability for our stunning ski chalets in Meribel and Courchevel.

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8 Superb High-End Ski Gadgets For Your Holiday

ski gadgets best accessories for skiing

With technology constantly changing, the gadgets we took on our skiing trips years ago are completely different to what we can enjoy now. If you’ve not been keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape then you probably won’t recognise many of the items below, but trust us when we say they’ll take your skiing experience to the next level. We’re not just talking about smartphone skiing apps, below you’ll find details about the stunning pieces of high-end tech that you’ll be desperate to show off the next time you’re on the slopes in the Three Valleys.

Beartek Snowsport Gloves

Everyone needs gloves when they go skiing, but Beartek Snowsport Gloves are a little bit different from anything you’ve seen before. You have the option of inserting either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module, which transforms the gloves into a controller for your music player or GoPro. Then you simply press certain finger pads together to play, pause, record, rewind and fast-forward your media, without the need to ever pull out the device from your pocket. Oh, and they’re water resistant, too, which is a plus.

POC Receptor Bug Helmet

skiing helmet best ski accessories








If you’re looking for a skiing helmet that looks good, gives you great protection and implements some high-end technology into it then you can’t do much better than the POC Receptor Bug. With an advanced outer shell it is one of the best helmets out there for safety, and for tech enthusiasts it comes with built-in Beats by Dre headphones. These are controlled with your smartphone for taking calls, changing tracks and adjusting the volume on your music, so there’s no need to take your helmet off if you happen to receive a phone call halfway up the mountain.

Anker PowerCore+ 20100

There are plenty of portable chargers out there, but rarely do you find one that packs this much power. If you’re going to be spending the whole day on the slopes then you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the PowerCore+ can fully charge a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone on a single charge! The aluminium-alloy case makes it one of the most durable ski gadgets out there, and having one of these means that you’ll never have to worry about getting a low battery message ever again.

GoPro Hero 5

Everyone wants to capture their ultimate ski run on video, but it’s not always easy when you’re speeding down the mountain. The GoPro Hero 5 makes it simple, turning your skiing exploits into a high-definition piece of media that you can watch again and again. Simply place the gadget on top of your skiing helmet, and it’ll capture beautiful 4K video that you’ll want to show off as soon as possible. The Hero 5 is also the first model to use voice command technology, so you can instruct it when to start recording. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can even upload your ski run to the internet before you start your next one!


Have you ever gone tumbling during a ski run, only to sit up and realise that one of your skis has disappeared beneath the snow? This can lead to a search party of friends desperately seeking the item and wondering how it managed to get away. RESQSKI is a removable homing tag that you can place on each ski, so that you can prevent these situations from occurring. And at just 7cm in length, there’s no danger of it getting in the way of your adventures.

Oakley Airwave 1.5 Snow Goggles

skiing goggles best ski gadgets










These stunning snow goggles are as stylish on the outside, as they are beneficial on the inside. Now there’s no need to wonder whether that run you just performed was your fastest ever, because the heads-up display on these goggles will tell you this and much more. You’ll also be told about vertical drops, distance travelled and information about the altitude, as well as whatever music you’re listening to, the location of your friends and any messages that you receive on your smartphone. Truly the crème de la crème of skiing goggles, and did we mention how great they look?


This tracker was made with skiers, snowboarders and other action sports enthusiasts in mind. It comes with advanced sensors and GPS technology built-in, giving it the capability to tell you about every twist and turn you make on the slopes. After your ski run you simply load up the dedicated app on your phone and you’ll be greeted with the details of your speed, height, distance and rotation.

Suunto Ambit Peak GPS Sport Watch

Place this high-tech sport watch over your wrist and you’ll be getting a heart rate monitor, a tracking device that maps your location, a calorie-burning counter and much more. With a battery life clocking in at an impressive 200 hours you’ll get plenty of use out of this watch before each charge, and it comes with an app that lets you compare your stats to other people who wear the device. It also does a pretty good job of telling the time, too.

These high-end ski gadgets and accessories will help to make your skiing trip more enjoyable than ever, pushing your adventures to the next level. With your skiing gear all sorted, now it’s just a case of booking your luxury accommodation in the 3 Valleys so you can test them all out until your heart’s content. Take a look at the availability for our luxury chalets in Meribel and Courchevel and make your booking today.

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