The finest selection of award winning chalets in Meribel and Courchevel at the heart of the 3 Valleys in the French Alps, the largest skiing area in the world.

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Our Partners

Miller Harris

We have chosen to use Miller Harris, a prestigious range of bath and body products created by Lyn Harris who has been working in the fragrance industry for 14 years. Harris spent five years training in France at one of the highly prestigious schools of the perfume elite in Paris and then Robertet in Grasse. It was while in Grasse that Harris learned about the rare materials that form the basis of the Miller Harris range and having completed a very rigorous training programme, Harris is one of the few classically trained noses in the UK.

The foundation stone of the Miller Harris brand is precious ingredients sourced from around the world: iris from Florence, violet leaf from France, jasmine from Egypt, orange flower from Tunisia and sandalwood from the Pacific.

Serious Stuff

Serious Stuff is a brand born out of a deep love for sport by both its founders and members. The company was set up in the summer of 2009 by Jim Turley and Donnie Masters, both committed sports enthusiasts since childhood. It is through their love of sports and deep understanding of sporting needs that they recognised one key component that consistently fell short for sports participants requirements...the clothing wasn't up to scratch.

So Masters and Turley decided to set up a clothing company that would deliver on all fronts. They called the company Serious Stuff because that is what they wanted, a serious product for all sports to be enjoyed and taken seriously at all levels.

Everything about Serious Stuff is designed to be synonymous with quality. A quality product backed up by a quality premium support service with the shortest possible lead times on orders, for all levels of sport.

The Serious Stuff ethos is defined by the knowledge that clothing and equipment in sport has a direct impact on the level of enjoyment and performance in sport.

Masters and Turley are actively involved with all aspects of the day-to-day running of Serious Stuff because they want their customers to have access to the key decision makers whenever they need it.

Our remit is to deliver the best possible product on all fronts and our intent is fundamentally engrained in our process.

Serious about sport?

We are...are you?

Rossyln Park FC

Rosslyn Park Football Club is a rugby union team. Founded in 1879 by departees of Belsize Park RFC and named after Rosslyn Hill in NW3, the club became the first club based in England to play rugby internationally.

Alpine Infusion proudly sponsors Rosslyn Park FC located in Wandsworth, London. 


As an integral part of our luxury catered service our chalets are equipped with the latest Nespresso machines and a selection of their finest coffees.

Nestlé Nespresso’s non-stop quest for quality extends into every stage of the long journey that transforms green coffee beans into the perfect Nespresso Grand Cru with the exquisite crema, tantalizing aroma and full-bodied taste that truly sets Nespresso coffee apart.

Apple iPod

Alongside the conventional music systems our catered chalets feature Ipod Nano’s loaded with a wide range of tunes for the enjoyment of our clients. The Nano’s are mounted on a fully integrated docking sound system with the capacity to take any Ipod variant.

Linens by Hilden

Since being established in 1874, Hilden has gained and built upon its reputation for both customer service and the supply of quality linen products to all areas of the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, airlines and cruises. Our chalets are furnished with some of the finest linen available ensuring unrivalled comfort.

Virtual Tours by Lion Tree

We contracted Lion Tree Virtual Tours to conduct virtual tours and still photography for our selection of chalets in Meribel and Courchevel 1850 having received excellent recommendations about the company from a number of sources. They are a very professional team who worked efficiently and with great flexibility in order not to disturb our clients whilst conducting the shoots. Followed up by very swift post production and website implementation and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

Linda Davies – Best Selling Novelist

Relax after a hard day on the pistes with some high adrenaline, taut and sexy thrillers from bestselling novelist Linda Davies:

The New York Times says:  ‘Enough action, financial know-how and international hokey-pokey to satisfy any reader… We get an idea of the coolness, daring and imagination that go into successful high-voltage trading involving hundreds of millions.’

Evening Standard rates her ‘taut, sexy thrillers.’

New Woman calls her’ Wall Street’s answer to Scott Turow.’

Fortune Magazine says:  ‘If John Grisham were female and financial he might write a twisty thriller such as Nest of Vipers.’

Time Out calls her Young Adult novels:  ‘Dubai’s Harry Potter.'

“Ark Storm is a winner. It draws you in and thrashes you about like a hurricane. It's plausible and terrifying. The writing is crisp, the pacing is breakneck, and the characters are vivid. I highly recommend it.”

—Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Impact 

“Science, sex, murder, meteorology, venture capital predators poised to make millions while manipulating the weather, and a zillionaire jihadist bent on vengeance—all are stirred up and served in this stunning novel that will shock and awe you. A brilliantly crafted eco-thriller filled with characters who are authentically good—and bad.”
—Former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, New York Times bestselling author of Dragon Fire

“This vivid, exciting and original tale turns a very real superstorm possibility into one of the most exciting stories I've read in a long time. I was going to say that I got blown away by Ark Storm, but I'm afraid to! So I'll say that I got caught up in it, loved it and had wonderful time reading it!”
—Whitley Strieber, New York Times bestselling author of The Grays